Descendants of Thomas Carder (1795-1848) of Virginia and Putnam County, Ohio

Thomas Carder was born about 1795 in Virginia or West Virginia. His parents are not known, due to lack of available records. He is probably connected to the William and Sarah Carder family of Culpeper County, Virginia, Hampshire County, West Virginia, and Ross County, Ohio, but no proof of this has been found. Thomas Carder did have a son named Abbott Carder (1834-1916), and the only other place the name Abbott Carder appears is the family of Abbot Carder, son of William and Sarah Carder. Abbot Carder, Sr. (1771?-184?) did have several children who moved to Ohio in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The name Thomas Carder does not appear in the settlement of Abbot Carder’s estate in 1886, which named 22 children of Abbot Carder. These were supposedly all of Abbot’s children, but at least one is known to be left off the list of 22, Catherine Carder Wamsley. Another possible child, Henry Carder, who is listed as if he were Abbot’s son on the 1883 summons for all heirs of Abbot, is also not listed on the final settlement. Henry Carder was living in Ohio in Pickaway and Franklin Counties, and bought land in 1835 in Putnam County, Ohio, during the time that Thomas Carder lived there. The possibility exists that both Thomas and Henry Carder are connected to Abbot Carder, Sr. However, at this time there is not enough evidence to make the connection.

Thomas Carder obtained a license to marry Martha Martin in Clark County, Ohio, on 15 February 1823. This is the first official record of Thomas Carder. A Katherine Carder married John McDavel or McDaniel in Clark County, Ohio, in 1819. She could be a sister to Thomas Carder. In 1827, Thomas was in Bethel Township, Clark County, Ohio, where he is listed on the tax list with one horse, value $40, and one cow, value $8. In 1828 he was in Perry Township, Williams County, Ohio, and owned one horse, value $40. This property was later Jackson Township, Putnam County. Over the next few years, Thomas Carder purchased land in Putnam County. In 1838 his wife Martha died. In 1844 he married Laura A. Rich in Putnam County. Thomas Carder died in Putnam County, Ohio, in 1848.

According to John N. Carder (1896-1989), Abbot Carder, son of Thomas, “... was an Englishman..... his mother died when he was 3 years old and he was raised by an Indian squaw.”

Imogene Elwer of Ft. Jennings, Ohio, contributed much of the information on the Thomas Carder family and his descendants. Here is a write-up that she put together on Thomas and Martha Carder. Some of these stories have been handed down through her family and are not documented, but they are interesting examples of oral tradition, which makes up a big part of family history, especially in a family like ours which did not keep written records of their earlier days. Imogene believes that the story about Thomas Carder being buried alive is not true, because the newspapers carried a notice of his death and did not mention anything about him being buried alive. In those days, the more gory a story was, the more chance it had of getting a large article written about it. Perhaps Thomas had told a story from his drover days, and over the years of the story being retold, it became Thomas who was buried alive.

Thomas and Martha Carder, Early Settlers of Putnam County, Ohio
by Imogene Elwer

Stories persist in my Carder family that our earliest known ancestor, Thomas Carder was buried alive. From time to time, a new set of circumstances surrounding Thomas’ death surface.
The first tale I heard was from my mother, who thought her ancestor was a drover who, with others, drove hogs to market. On one of these trips, the group was waylaid by bandits and Thomas was critically wounded. Believing him dead, the drovers hurriedly buried him and left the scene. When they reached home, owners of the hogs wanted to know what had happened to the money. Drovers were not sure, so some returned to the grave, and on uncovering the body, found the dead man had clawed at the ground in an attempt to free himself. This account is probably not accurate.

Drovers whom I have researched seemed to follow a set pattern. They took their animals to market in late fall, after pork-packing houses opened. On their journey home, they stopped at a public auction, and bought land. My predecessor bought land in December of 1834 and 1835, so he may have been a drover then. But he bought no further land, so he probably gave up droving shortly thereafter, possibly after the death of his wife about 1838.

Additionally, on March 21, 1848, James McKenzie informs readers of his KALIDA VENTURE that Thomas Carder died last Thursday at his home in Perry Township (now Jackson).

The latest story I’ve heard about the death claims Thomas went to Kalida to collect for something he’d sold. When he became ill, some acquaintances brought him home. Believing Thomas dead, the men buried him. His daughter knew Thomas should have money, so the grave was dug up, and it was then discovered that Thomas had tried to dig his way out of the grave. I can accept this tale, because early in the same year of his death, Thomas sold thirty-three acres of land to John Comer. It’s possible that he was collecting some of this money when he became ill at Kalida.

The few Putnam County histories that remember Thomas Carder indicate that he moved his family to this county in 1830. However, tax lists reveal that they moved to then Perry Township from Bethel Township in Clark County, Ohio, sometime between mid-summer 1827 and June of 1828.

Thomas Carder and Martha Martin applied for a marriage license in Clark County in February of 1823. How many children were born to this couple and moved here with them is not known. 1830 census shows only a daughter who would have been born before the move. Children known born in Putnam County to Thomas and Martha were Almira born 1830, Arthur born 1831, Abbott born 1834, and John born 1838. It is likely there were others who died young.

After Thomas moved to this county, Elias Wallen sold him thirty-three acres of land along the Auglaize River, north-west of the intersection of Hog Creek with that River. In this neighborhood Thomas raised his family.  The land was still in its virgin state, and thickly covered with huge trees that prevented the sunlight from reaching the ground. Consequently the area was a giant swamp. The delapidated Carder cabin stood in a small clearing near the edge of the swamp. Thomas was a frontiersman, and provided for his family more by hunting in the nearby forest, and by fishing, than by farming. There was plenty to eat in spite of the flood in July of 1834, because the family raised their own hogs and cattle to supplement the game and fish. Additionally the youngsters gathered wild berries and nuts from the forest.

Life was not easy on the frontier. Death came early. Families were, of necessity, self-sufficient. Only supplies that could not be grown or found nearby were bought. Thomas sometimes went by canoe or on horseback to Defiance to exchange his produce or furs for salt and other supplies. Location of the Carder cabin provided isolationism to the family. The Auglaize and the swamp made it a fortress-like enclosure, segregating and protecting the family from outside influences. The children grew up in quite a backwoods manner. They saw so few other people that they were much more leery of other folks than they were of bears or other wild animals that roamed in the forest. Clothing was scanty for the family, and the children often went barefoot the year round. Animal furs thrown on the floor of the one-room shanty were beds for the children. None ever learned to read or write, even their own name.

Martha died about 1838, in her mid thirties. Following the death of his wife, Thomas often enlisted the help of neighboring Indian squaws in caring for his family. Sometime after 1840, the oldest daughter was married or died. This may have been about 1844, when Thomas decided he needed a mate. In February of that year he married Laura A. Rich in Putnam County. Thomas and Laura had two children, Harvey and James.

Two years later, at age sixteen, Almira Carder married Cyril Bacon, son of the Sugar Grove postmaster. Almira and Cyril were the parents of four children, Moses, Mary, Margaret, and Clara. Like her mother, Almira died young. She was only twenty-four when she died in 1854.

Thomas Carder had died six years earlier, leaving his widow, Laura A. (Rich) Carder, and children: Almira Bacon, Arthur, Abbott, and John from his first marriage; and Harvey and James from his second. Laura Carder, with her sons, Harvey and James, soon left Putnam County. A year after the death of Thomas, they were living in Indiana. Harvey was in Elkart County, Indiana, in 1860.

Almira and Cyril Bacon had a young family of their own at the time of her father’s death, and coundn’t care for her brothers. The court appointed guardians for Arthur, Abbott, and John, and they worked for these guardians until they were of age.

Thomas Carder’s remaining land was sold to pay unspecified debts.

Personal property tax lists indicate only thirty-three families, and maybe a few more uncounted, living in Putnam County when Thomas and Martha Carder moved here. This certainly qualifies them as early settlers and pioneers of this county.

Some old records were discovered in a schoolhouse in McComb, Ohio. These records have several references to Thomas Carder. It appears that he and some other fellows in Putnam County were having some type of dispute and that he could get a little ornery at times. Here are some excerpts:

State of Ohio } To Any constable of said county
Putnam Co., Ohio } Greetings

Whereas complaint has been made before me one of the Justice of the peace in and for said county by one George M. Phillips of the Putnam County on oath the he has just cause to fear and doeth fear that one Thomas Carder of the county of Putnam will beat or kill him with a deadly weapon and cause personal injury.
These are therefore to command you in the name of the State of Ohio to apprehend the said Thomas Carder and bring him forthwith before me or some Justice of the Peace and be of good behavior towards the citizens of the state generally and the said Geo M. Phillips especially and for this appearence before the Court of Common Pleas next be holding in and for the County of Putnam.
Give my hand and seal this 20th day of July 1839
Jabez S. Spencer JP


State of Ohio } To Any constable of said county
Putnam Co., Ohio } Greetings

Whereas complaint has been made before me one of the Justice of the peace in and for the county aforesaid upon the oath of Thomas Carder that George Phillips of the County aforesaid di on or about the 19th day of July A.D. 1839 at the county aforesaid commit an assault on him by throwing eggs at the defendant and also a bucket of water on him while in the public road. These are therefore to command you to take the said George Phillips if he be found in your county or if he shall flea that you pursue after the said George Phillips into any other county within the state and take and safely keep the said George Phillips so that you have his body forthwith before me or some other justice of the peace to answer the said complaint and be further dealt with according to law.
Give my hand and seal this 20th day of July 1839
Jabez S. Spencer JP


State of Ohio } To Any constable of said county
Putnam Co., Ohio } Greetings

Whereas complaint has been made before me one of the Justice of the peace in and for the county aforesaid upon the oath of William Phillips wit Thomas Carder late of the county aforesaid did on or about the 19th day of July at the county of Putnam profoundly swear by his maker and used other undescent language and the deponent does verily believe that the said Thomas Carder is guilty of the fact charged.
These are therefore to command you to take the body of the said Thomas Carder if he be found in your county or if he shall flea that you pursue after the said Thomas Carder into any other county within the state and take and safely keep the said George Phillips so that you have his body forthwith before me or some other justice of the peace to answer the said complaint and be further dealt with according to law.
Give my hand and seal this 20th day of July 1839
Jabez S. Spencer JP

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I believe that if someone threw eggs and a bucket of water on me, I might profoundly swear at them and perhaps threaten bodily harm or worse, too!

T1 Family of Thomas Carder (1795?-1848) and Martha Martin Carder (1802-1838)

All the following children were born in Putnam County, Ohio. There were probably others who died young. According to a 1908 newspaper story from Abbott and Clara Carder’s 50th wedding anniversary, Abbott Carder was the seventh child of Thomas Carder. Several children born before Abbott must have died young.

  • +1 Almira Carder (1830-1854), married 23 July 1846 to Cyrel Bacon. They lived at Jackson Township, Putnam County, Ohio.
  • +2 Arthur “Doc” Carder (5 April 1831 - 4 January 1912), married Margaret (Keller) Wallen. He is buried in Myers Cemetery, Putnam County, Ohio.
  • +3 Abbott Carder (13 April 1834 - 13 April 1916), married 8 April 1858 at Ft. Jennings, Putnam County, Ohio, to Clara Maria Reinmeyer (3 December 1838 - 27 October 1924). He is buried at Delphos St. John’s Old Cemetery, Delphos, Allen Co., Ohio. In 1850 he was living in Putnam County as a farmer in the household of Henry Ayres.
  • +4 John Melvin Carder (16 March 1838 - 26 April 1901), married 31 October 1858 to Arminta Baer (1840-1882). They lived in Putnam Co., Ohio, and are buried at Varner Cemetery in Putnam County/. In the 1900 census, a John Carder, born in 1840 is listed in Perry Twp., Putnam County, and is married to Isabella (November 1845-), whom he married about 1890. They had a son, Harry Carder (August 1887-), who was crippled. It is likely that this is the same John Carder and he remarried, probably twice, after the death of his first wife.

Children of Thomas Carder and his second wife, Laura Rich.

  • 5 Harvey Carder (8 August 1843/44 - ), moved to Indiana with his mother after his father died in 1848.
  • 6 James Carder, moved to Indiana with his mother after his father died in 1848.

Second Generation Descendants of Thomas Carder (1795?-1848)

T1-1 Family of Almira Carder Bacon (1830-1854) and Cyril Bacon

  • 1 Mary Bacon (1847 - )

  • 2 Samuel Bacon (1850 - )

  • 3 Elizabeth Bacon (1851 - )

  • 4 Harvey Bacon (1853 - )

T1-2 Family of Arthur Carder (1831-1912) and Margaret Keller Wallen Carder

  • 1 Moses Harris Carder (February 1856 - ), married in 17 October 1880 to Martha J. Drake (August 1860-); lived at Monroe Twp, Putnam County, Ohio in 1900. He was a farmer.

  • 2 Mary Carder (6 July 1858 - 6 October 1936), married in 1876 to Benjamin Franklin Sybert (18 March 1848 - 25 May 1936). They are buried at Kalida, Ohio.

  • 3 Margaret Carder (1860 - ), married in 1880 to Isaac Folk.

  • 4 Clarissa Carder (1866 - 1883)

T1-3 Family of Abbott Carder (1834-1916) and Clara Reinmeyer Carder (1838-1924)

  • 1 Arthur M. “Bub” Carder (22 September 1860 - 27 August 1935), married Emma Kable (1867-1939).They are buried at Delphos, Ohio.

  • 2 John Carder (2 March 1862 - 27 August 1927), married 27 September 1883, at Delphos, Ohio, to Anna Margaret “Maggie” Baker (30 June 1865 - 11 May 1938). They are buried at Delphos. He was a farmer.

  • 3 Albert “Pete” Carder (9 October 1863 - 15 July 1938), married 10 November 1887 to Caroline Baker. In the 1908 newspaper story of Abbott and Clara Carder’s 50th anniversary, Albert is listed as Abbott, Jr. He is buried at Walnut Grove Cemetery.

  • 4 Mary Matilda Carder (2 September 1865 - 5 July 1945), married Frank Pothast.

  • 5 Margaret Carder (7 August 1867 - 16 May 1948), married Joseph Horstman.

  • 6 Thomas Carder (7 August 1869 - 4 October 1937), married 4 May 1892 to Elizabeth Schumaker (25 Nov 1874 -16 Nov 1951) . He is buried at Walnut Grove Cemetery.

  • 7 Martha Pauline Carder (19 February 1871 - 18 March 1950), married 19 April 1887 to Charles Kerschner (16 December 1867 - 9 March 1934).

Abbott and Clara Carder with their children at their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1908.
Front Row: Matilda (Tillie) Pothast, Pauline Kershner, Abbott, Clara, Margaret Horstman
Back Row: Albert (Pete), Thomas (Tom), John, Arthur (Bub)


T1-4 Family of John Carder (1838-1901) and Arminta Baer (1840-1882) Carder

  • 1 Martha Carder (1861-), married 6 November 1879 to Christ J. Prowant.

  • 2 John Melvin Carder (1 December 1862 - 13 January 1938), married 25 November 1886 to Mary Catherine Troyer (24 July 1863 - 3 October 1954). They are buried at Monroe Township Cemetery, Continental, Ohio.

  • 3 Harvey Carder (1865-1884)

Third Generation Descendants of Thomas Carder (1795?-1848)

T1-2-1 Family of Moses Carder (1857-) and Martha J. Drake Carder (1860-)

  • 1 Margaret A. Carder (October 1886 - )

  • 2 John J. Carder (9 March 1890 -June 1973), died at Continental, Ohio.

  • 3 Robert B. Carder (4 March 1892 - May 1975), died at Defiance, Ohio.

T1-2-2 Family of Mary Carder Sybert (1858-1936) and Benjamin F. Sybert (1848-1936)

  • 1 Ida Elizabeth Sybert (21 August 1876 - 15 March 1968), born at Jackson Twp., Putnam County, Ohio; married Lorenzo Dow Windle.

  • 2 Margaret Matilda Sybert (10 January 1880 - 1971), married Charles Eyer.

  • 3 Daisy Clarissa Sybert (18 April 1882 - 1926), married George Colbert (died 1936)

  • 4 John Franklin Sybert (12 July 1884 - 17 March 1972), married Edna Harris

  • 5 Leroy Benjamin Sybert (25 November 1888 - 22 May 1969), married Cora Price.

  • 6 Bessie Sybert (25 May 1891 - ), married Emanuel Windle.

T1-3-1 Family of Arthur Carder (1860-1935) and Emma Kable Carder (1867-1939)

  • 1 Rose Carder, married April 1905 to Emil Schramm. They had 2 children.

  • 2 Clair Carder, married April 1906 to Fred Schramm. They had 4 children.

  • 3 Josephine Carder, married April 1912 to Clarence Pahl. They had 3 children.

  • 4 Albert Carder, married 28 June 1913 to Irene Evens.

  • 5 Arthur Carder, married 2 November 1915 to Pearl Doan. They had 5 children.

  • 6 Martha Carder, married 18 April 1927 to Albert Mandery. They had 4 children.

  • 7 John N. Carder (11 September 1896 - 26 January 1989), born at Traverse City, Michigan; married 4 March 1919 to Jennie Rigdon (9 April 1899 - 16 November 1990). He is buried at Beverly Hills, Florida, and she is buried at Columbus, Ohio.

  • 8 Emma Carder, married 29 March 1920 to Kent Baxter. They had 2 children.

  • 9 Thomas Carder, married 7 December 1922 to Liola Stoner (1 March 1907 - February 1980). They had two children.

  • 10 Louise Carder, married 5 July Earl Snyder. They had three children.

T1-3-2 Family of John Carder (1862-1927) and Anna Margaret Baker Carder (1865-1938)

  • 1 Margaret Matilda Carder (23 September 1884 - 22 September 1974), married 5 May 1908 at Delphos, Ohio to Joseph Hoffman (d 6 October 1966). Born at Delphos and died there.

  • 2 John William Carder (10 February 1887 - 19 February 1910), born and died at Delphos. He is buried at St. John’s Catholic Cemetery, Delphos.

  • 3 Clara Isabella Carder (25 August 1889 - 18 November 1973), married 24 November 1909 to George Rupert. She was born and died at Delphos.

  • 4 Frank Grover Carder (26 November 1892 - 24 April 1966), married 4 April 1918 to Elsie Blockberger (29 March 1898 - 16 March 1974). Born and died at Delphos.

  • 5 Petronella “Nellie” Elizabeth Carder (31 May 1895 - 29 May 1966), married 21 October 1916 to Joseph Gremling (15 May 1893 - 1953). Born and died at Delphos.

  • 6 Joseph Albert Carder (7 December 1897 - 31 March 1981), married 22 February 1934 to Christina Vogt (d. 1 June 1974). Born and died at Delphos.

  • 7 Albert Carder (30 December 1899 - 13 January 1900), born and died at Delphos.

  • 8 Rosa Margaret Gertrude Carder (4 May 1901 - 4 December 1985), married 11 February 1925 to Joseph Friedrich (1 March 1897 - 16 September 1971). Born and died at Delphos.

  • 9 William Otto Carder (13 May 1903 - 5 July 1967), married first on 14 September 1926 to Josephine Yochum (d 4 February 1934); second in 1936 to Mary Hunt; third in 1942 to Bertha Hanks; fourth in 1951 to Frances Walker. Born at Delphos, he died and is buried at Lima, Ohio.

  • 10 Florence Margaret Carder (8 September 1905 - 14 November 1977), married 23 May 1928 at Delphos to Alfred Raymond Reindel (7 May 1904 - 7 May 1976). She was born at Delphos, died at Lima, and is buried at St. John’s Cemetery at Delphos.

  • 11 Bertha Pauline Carder (26 June 1908 - 29 October 1986), married first on 26 June 1928 to Leonard Kroeger (d. 18 August 1951); second on 18 June 1959 to Hubert Reindl (d. 1983).

T1-3-6 Family of Thomas Carder (1869-1937) and Elizabeth Schumaker Carder

I do not have the details on this family, but I do have their family portrait:

T1-3-7 Family of Martha Pauline Carder Kershner (1871-1950) and Charles Kershner (1867-1934)

  • 1 May Kershner (10 October 1888 - ), married a Jettinghoff

  • 2 Flo Kershner (4 September 1890 - ), married a Calvelage.

  • 3 Edna Kershner (31 January 1892 - ), married an Irick.

  • 4 Martha Kershner (28 December 1895 - ), married an Ebbescotte.

  • 5 Margaret Kershner (7 June 1898 - ), married a Foust.

  • 6 Fred Kershner (23 March 1901 - )

  • 7 Lucile Marie Kershner (7 August 1902 - 25 October 1984), born at Delphos, Ohio; married 30 August 1921 to George Christian Wagner (30 June 1900 - 20 October 1956).

  • 8 Marcile Kershner (7 August 1902 - ), married a May.

  • 9 Olivia Kershner (29 August 1907 - ), married a Kuehl and a Truesdale.

  • 10 Charles Kershner (2 February 1913 - 29 August 1973)

T1-4-2 Family of John Melvin Carder (1862-1938) and Mary Cathering Troyer Carder (1863-1954)

  • 1 Clyde C. Carder (May 1888 - June 1968), died at Continental, Ohio.

  • 2 Blanche Carder (May 1891 - )

  • 3 May Carder (July 1894 - )

  • 4 Alta Carder (March 1897 - )

  • 5 Henry Carder (born about 1900)

  • 6 Ralph R. Carder (28 June 1903 - 14 August 1980), married Marie Datha Brenneman (4 November 1911 - 21 June 1951). They are both buried at Monroe Township Cemetery, Continental, Ohio.

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