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I hope that this can be a meeting ground for all Carder family researchers.  We can all share information here, get to know each other, and hopefully help each other solve our family history puzzles.  If anyone would like to share information on the Carder family, please feel free to do so.  This is your web site as well as mine.  Communicate with each other by posting messages on the message board.  Register and let others know what lines you're researching.  If you send me current pictures of you and your family, I will post them on the "Meet Other Carders" area and we can all get acquainted.  If you are able to supply old photographs in computer readable format, please email them to me if you would like me to include them in the appropriate sections of the web site. I will continue to add additional information as time permits.  Please check back frequently. 

Send an email with your comments or ideas to me at  wacarder@usit.net.

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The information on this site has been contributed over the years by numerous family members. When information or photographs are provided, I give credit to the contributors. Information from this site may not be copied and placed on other web sites without permission of W. Ashley Carder and the individuals who contributed the information, photographs, etc. I have made every effort to allow this site to be an open forum available to anyone interested in the Carder family history. Abuse and mis-use of information that is posted on this site will not be tolerated! Thanks for visiting.

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