2nd Generation Descendants of

Sanford Carder (1760-1845)


W1-1-1 Family of Armstead Carder (1786-bef 1883) and Elizabeth Bragg Carder (died bef 1850)

  • 1 Nancy Carder (1812 - after 1880), married 13 November 1832 to John M. Sesler (1809 - 1869). They lived in Logan County, Ohio, in Richland Township.
  • 2 Phebe Carder (1818 - before 1886), married a Miller.
  • 3 Sally Carder, married a Brooks and lived in Van Buren County, Iowa in 1886.
  • 4 John H. Carder (1823 - after 1886), married 8 January 1846 in Hardin County, Ohio, to Amelia Fulse. They lived at McDonald Township, Hardin County, Ohio.

W1-1-2 Family of Sarah Carder McGowan (1788-1867) and James McGowan (1790-1867)

  • 1 Mary “Polly” McGowan (11 January 1813 - 29 May 1864), married in Fayette County, Ohio, in 1839, to Martin Judy (31 July 1814 - 12 February 1893). they are buried at the cemetery at Washington Court House, Ohio. They had six children.
  • 2 Nancy McGowan (5 July 1814-bef.1886), married 1838 to Thomas H. Thompson (1812-), had 6 children.
  • 3 Sarah Elizabeth McGowan (17 March 1816 - ), married first, in 1833, to William Davis. She married second to a man whose last name was Boatman, who lived in Collin County, Texas in 1886.
  • 4 Matilda McGowan (8 December 1817 - before 1886), married 28 January 1849 to Mathias Kilgore. They had five children.
  • 5 Sanford McGowan, (9 May 1820 - ), died young.
  • 6 Sarah McGowan, (3 March 1824 - 1824), died young.
  • 7 Phebe McGowan (3 March 1824 - 1824), died young.
  • 8 Rachel McGowan (9 November 1825 - ), married in 1845 to Henry B. Knotts. They lived in Union County, Ohio, and had one daughter.
  • 9 John B. McGowan (12 February 1828 - after 1886). He lived in Hardin County, Iowa in 1886.

W1-1-3 Family of Phebe Carder Harrod (1791-1874) and John Harrod (1785-1840)

  • 1 Samuel A. Harrod (1812 - before 1886), married Mary A. ____ (1814-). They had six children.
  • 2 Elizabeth Harrod (1814 - before 1886), married James Stewart (1812), who was born in Ireland. They had six children.
  • 3 Sanford Harrod (1815 - after 1886), married Sarah J. Piatt. They were living in Rice County, Kansas in 1886. They had three children.
  • 4 John H. Harrod (8 April 1825 - ), born in McArthur, Logan County, Ohio.

W1-1-4 Family of Nancy Carder Thompson (1794-1875) and Jacob Thompson (1788-1869)

  • 1 John Thompson (23 February 1816 - 20 January 1909), died unmarried in 1909 and was buried in Kirkwood Cemetery, London, Richland County, Ohio. He left an estate of $7,000 to a housekeeper and a friend. The will was contested and the court ordered distribution among Carder and Thompson relatives and the housekeeper.

W1-1-5 Family of Elizabeth Carder Harrod (1795-1859) and Samuel Harrod (1785-after 1846)

  • 1 Jane Harrod (1818 - 1879), married in 1838 to Alexander Patrick (1813 - 1899).
  • 2 Sanford Harrod (1824 - 1889), married in 1848 to Rebecca Jenkins (1828 - 1894).
  • 3 Phebe A. Harrod (1826 - before 1850), married a Cochran.
  • 4 John H. Harrod, was living at McArthur, Logan County, Ohio, in 1903. He married Emily M. _____ of Logan County. 5 Mary A. Harrod, died before 1886, married a Pratt.

W1-1-6 Family of Charity Carder Powers (1797-before 1886) and Jacob Powers

  • 1 Sanford Powers, died before 1886.
  • 2 William C. Powers, lived in Lucas County, Iowa, in 1886.
  • 3 James M. Powers, lived in Lucas County, Iowa, in 1886.
  • 4 John Powers, died before 1886.
  • 5 Henry Powers, lived in Jasper County, Iowa, in 1886.
  • 6 Charity J. Powers, married (George?) Sanderson, lived in Ford County, Nebraska, in 1886.
  • 7 Lucinda Powers, married a Boyd, died before 1886.
  • 8 Nancy Powers,married a Blair, died before 1886.

W1-1-8 Family of Sanford Carder (1800-1855) and Susan Pendergrass Carder (1806-1880)

  • 1 Rebecca Carder (1826 - after 1886), married Benjamin Allen (1822 - ).
  • 2 Nancy Ann Carder (13 September 1826 - 20 June 1905), married 15 August 1844 in Washington County, Iowa, to William M. Turnipseed (26 December 1822 - 6 December 1871). They are both buried at the Richmond, Iowa, Cemetery. They moved to Iowa sometime after 1848. They were farmers in the Richmond, Iowa, area.
  • 3 Ellen Carder (1829 - 7 July 1852), died unmarried.
  • 4 Sarah Carder (1830 - ), married 11 March 1849, in Fayette County, Ohio, to Benjamin Horton Coover (1826 - ). They were living in Millersburg, Iowa, in 1860, and had moved to Jefferson City, Greene County, Iowa, by 1882. Sarah is buried at Jefferson City, Iowa.
  • 5 Mary Ann Carder (6 March 1833 - 17 November 1887), married 6 July 1851 to William Wright (1823 - after 1892). They moved to Swanton, Saline County, Nebraska, where Mary Ann died in 1887. William remarried and moved to Smith County, Kansas in the fall of 1892.
  • 6 Phebe Carder (22 December 1835 - 8 September 1918), married 22 November 1855?, to Frederick Merrick (24 May 1827 - 16 September 1908). Frederick’s last name was later spelled as Merck. He was born in Bavaria, Germany. Both Phebe and Frederick are buried at Millersburg, Iowa.
  •  7 Peter Carder (18 February 1839 - 19 October 1913), married 6 July 1864 in Marengo, Iowa, to Elizabeth June Miller Dedmore (14 April 1840 - 29 September 1913). Her first husband, George Dedmore was killed in the Civil War. She was the daughter of Reuben Miller, for whom Millersburg, Iowa, was named. They moved to North English, Iowa and are buried there. Peter Carder enlisted in the Civil War on 11 August 1862 and served as a private in the 28th Regiment, company I, Iowa Infantry. He was discharged on a certificate of disability on 24 April 1863 at Helena, Arkansas, after complications from measles and chronic diarrhea. According to his war records he was 5’ 7", light complexion, with blue eyes and dark hair. He is listed in the 1900 census of Iowa County, Iowa, age 59, with the occupation of capitalist.
  • 8 Sanford Carder III (5 May 1840 - 9 January 1914), married 6 January 1864 to Louisa Caroline Row (1844 - before 1914), who was the daughter of Jeremiah Row (1815- ), who was born in Connecticut, and his wife Catherine, born in Massachusetts. Sanford was living with his mother in 1859 after she had married her second husband, Edward Hasden. He enlisted in the Civil War on 27 September 1861 at Millersburg, Iowa, and served in Company B, 11th Iowa Regiment. While he was in the service, he contracted measles in February 1862 at St. Louis, and he took a cold, which settled in his lungs, and also had chronic diarrhea. He contracted lung disease and was treated at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, for about six weeks and at California, Missouri for another four weeks. He was discharged on disability 24 October 1862 at Corinth, Mississippi. When he applied for a pension in 1912, he was living at Des Moines, Iowa. When he was 71, he was described as being 5’ 7", light complexion, gray hair, and light blue eyes. He is buried at Woodland Cemetery, Polk County, Iowa.
  • 9 Joseph Carder (12 June 1841 - 10 April 1910), died unmarried.
  • 10 Elizabeth Carder (1842 - 31 March 1876), married 25 April 1866, in Marengo, Iowa, to John Foubert (15 September 1837 - 29 March 1926). John Foubert was a tinsmith and was born at Ottowa, Ontario, Canada. His parents Jean and ___Lafarre Foubert were born in France. Elizabeth died at Millersburg, Iowa. John died at North English, Iowa. John Foubert enlisted for Civil War service in Millersburg, Iowa, and was a private in Captain Strong’s Company I, 28th Iowa Infantry Regiment. He was discharged 31 July 1865 at Savannah, Georgia. He was in action at Port Hudson, Louisiana and at Vicksburg, Mississippi. He was wounded at both places.
  • 11 Susan Carder (1845 - 1855), buried at Millersburg, Iowa.
  • 12 Melissa Jane Carder (November 1849 - 19 March 1888), married at Marengo, Iowa, 25 March 1872, to Mark Shocknessy (23 December 1846 - 31 October 1923), who was born in Ireland and came to the U.S. about 1852. Mark was a private in the Civil War in the same unit as Peter Carder and John Foubert, Company I of the 28th Regiment of the Iowa Infantry. After they were married, Melissa Jane and Mark Shocknessy moved to Kansas, living in Marysville, Frankfort, and finally Wabaunsee. Melissa Jane died in 1888 on a farm near Wabaunsee, Kansas, and is buried in the Wabaunsee Cemetery. Mark continued living in Kansas until 1919, when he went to live in the Soldiers’ Home at Sawtell, California. He died in an automobile accident there in 1923 and is buried at the National Cemetery at Sawtell.
  • 13 William Carder (1852 - ), was still living with his mother at Millersburg, Iowa in 1870.


Letter written in 1852 from Sanford Carder II and his wife Susan to B.H. and Sarah Coover and William and Nancy Turnipseed. Letter written by Benjamin Allen, Sanford II’s son-in-law.

August 1st, 1852

Dear Sis I take it in hand to inform you that we are in reasonable health at present but we have been a good deal afflicted. Your Father still has the ague yet. Your sister Ellen Carder is dead. She took sick on the First of June and she lay till Wednesday the seventh of July. She was buryed the 8 at Bloomingburg. She took with the typoid fever and run in to the hasty consumption. She seemed tollerable well resigned to her lot. We should all try to be prepared to meet our Judge so that when the lord comes to make up our Jewels that we may not be found looking as the foolish virgins. Your Father and mother is at my house. Rebecca is still confined a good part of the time to her bed with the falling of the womb. Me Ben and the children is in good health. Mary Ann is weakly ever since she was confined last winter. Bill Right is well and doing well. Their babe is a fine harty plum purty little babe as you ever seen. The call their babe Sarah Ellen. You mother calls her son William. They are names that your sister named them some time before she left this unfriendly world. Balance of your brothers and sisters is well and the connections in general is well and we hope that these few broken sentences may reach your home and find you and your little children all well. We got your letter of the 7 of July and was glad to hear from ___??___. We would like to get into som way of righting to each other evry month. If you will rite to me, Ben Allen, I will take the letters out of the office and take them to your Father and let them have them and give you a true account of the condition of their health and their prospects every month. If you would wish that kind of communication. All the differance is I get my papers at the office every week end. I can take them there and rite to you rite a way. Your father says that if he gets well he will com out to see you this fall of year if no preventing providence. The Spring was very wet and cold so that we dident get our corn planted till the first of June. Since that it has been very warm and dry corn is very short and it cant make more than half as good a crop to take the county over as it was last year. Wheat is first rate and gras is good. Hogs is $4. gross, Cattle is high. The first class of cattle that is fat a nuf to drive to the east is worth $3 gross. I sold my cattle that was three years old at $36 per head. You told me that you sold your farm for one thousand dollars. Our land sells from twenty five to forty dollars per acre. The railroad from Cincinnati by the way of Washington to Circleville to Zanesvile to Wheeling is under contract and their is more than one thousand hands at work on the line. William W. Develon and his wife are well as they are for common. They have a daughter at their house that is not one week old yet. Tell the _______ to ________ Dawson and give him my respects. So no more at present but remain your affectionate parents. Sanford Carder and Susan Carder to B. H. Coover and Sarah his wife and William Turnipseed and Nancy Ann, his wife, rote by Benjamin Allen.

Shortly after this letter was written, Sanford and Nancy Carder moved to Millersburg, Iowa, where their daughter Phoebe lived, and where Benjamin and Sarah Coover had sold their land.


W1-1-9 Family of Mary Carder Cooper (1804 - about 1885) and Isaac Cooper (died 1842)

  • 1 Nancy Ann Cooper (1821 - 1885), married Kemp G. Carter (1807 - 1881), who was born in Virginia..
  • 2 Thomas B. Cooper (1824 - before 1886), married Armenta _____.
  • 3 Joseph Cooper (1830 - before 1886)
  • 4 Mary J. Cooper, (1835 - after 1886), married in 1849 to Thomas Niven (1828 - 1884), who was born in Scotland.
  • 5 Albert P. Cooper (1838 - after 1886)
  • 6 Abigail “Abbie” Jane Cooper (1832? - after 1886), married first to a Cherry, second to G. W. Moon (1838-).
  • 7 Isaac A. Cooper (1841? - before 1886), married in 1870 to Jeanie Harrod, daughter of Sanford Harrod (W1-1-5-2).

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