Descendants of James Carder (1765?-1836?) of Culpeper/Rappahannock Co, VA

James Carder was born about 1765, probably in Culpeper County, Virginia. His grandson, I.B. McDonald said that James Carder was from Scotland and that the family before that came from Wales. However, James Carder is in Culpeper County by 1787 living with the other Carders who had been there for many years, so I would question the Scotland story. A James Carder appears as a buyer in the estate of Henry Thredkill in 1775, but this is probably too old to be this James Carder. James Carder first appears on the tax lists of Culpeper County in 1787, and is listed as age 16 to 21. He lived in the Daniel Brown tax district, the same place as George Carder and John Carder, whose descendants are traced in this book. Since they lived in the same vicinity, they were probably closely related. Members of both the James Carder family and the George Carder family were shoemakers. Other close relatives who were not his children probably include Jacob Carder, born about 1776 in Culpeper County. Jacob Carder later lived in Harrison County, WV, and Wood County, WV., and later in the household of George Lawson Carder, who was a grandson of James Carder. Could Jacob Carder be a younger brother of James Carder? This connection to Jacob Carder probably also means that the James Carder line is closely connected to the John Carder (1767-1850) line of Culpeper Co., VA and Harrison/Taylor Co., WV, and the George Carder (1750?-1831) line of Culpeper Co, VA, and Hampshire Co, WV.

James Carder lived in the part of Culpeper County that later became Rappahannock County. According to his grandson, I. B. McDonald, he lived near the town of Woodville. James Carder’s name appears on the tax lists until 1836. His son John R. Carder applied for his pension for the War of 1812 and said that he could not locate his discharge papers because he had left them at the home of his father, James, in Culpeper County. According to several sources, John R. Carder, son of James, came from the part of Culpeper County that split off to form Rappahannock County in 1833. Not much else is known about James Carder. He was married at least twice. His second wife’s name was Sarah, based on the death record of his son William.

In 1893, a letter was written by James Carder’s grandson, Isaiah Burritt McDonald. This letter documents the Carder family ancestors as recollected by Mr. McDonald.

Here is a letter written by James Carder’s grandson, I.B. McDonald in 1893:

The McDonald House, I.B. McDonald, Proprietor
Columbia City, Indiana
Sept. 16, 1893

My dear Sir: -
I am just in receipt of your very interesting epistle of a few days ago. When I got your letter the name Carder struck my memory in a very peculiar way, hence my reference to my good and dear mother’s maiden name. Now a little correct history. My grandfather James Carder and his brother Edward O. Carder came from Scotland during the Revolutionary War and settled in what was then the District of Culpeper (Va.). Subsequently when I was about one year old (1829) a part of Culpeper County or District was cut off - a new county was made called Rappahannock County and a small town near Hedgeman’s River called Little Washington was made the county seat.

In Rappahannock County on the Luray and Culpeper Pike is a small village called Woodville. Near this Woodville my grandfather James Carder lived and died.

Edward O. Carder went across the “Blue Ridge” and settled near what is now Mt. Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley. In after years another brother came from Scotland and after remaining in old Virginia a while went to Barbour County and settled somewhere near Philippi. During the war while I was stationed at Huttonsville in the Tygarts Valley I met several of the Upshur County Carders who were direct descendants of my grandfather’s third brother who was much younger than he was. This younger and third brother’s name was John Carder as has been told to me by my people at Woodville.

My oldest uncle, John Carder moved to Harrison County, West Virginia in 1832 or 3 and settled on Kinchelow Creek northwest of Clarksburg where he died during the war or about its close in 1864 or 5. His children, a large family, and their relatives still live in Harrison County. One, a noted physician, lived at Salem and afterwards at a post office called Jane Lew. Of this family I have not heard anything for several years, hence, cannot suggest where they are. During the war I met several of the Upshur County Carders — good people.

My uncle, John Carder, was the oldest of James Carder’s children. Geo. Lawson was next. He lived and died at Luray in Page County when I was a small boy. I met his widow during the war in 1862. He was a brave fellow and had his left leg broken in a fight.

My third uncle was Coleman Carder. He died near Woodville at 97. Then my uncle William Carder died only a few years ago near Woodville age 88. Uncle James Carder died in the same locality about 32 years of age of some pernicious fever. My uncle Joseph Carder in 1834 emigrated to Shelby County, Illinois. He died only a few years ago aged 83.

My mother’s name was Elizabeth Carder, the oldest daughter of my grandfather. She died in 1883 at 80 years.

By the way, while my grandfather James Carder came from Scotland, the stock before going to Scotland came from Wales and settled up in the Highlands of Scotland in Inverness.

I am quite anxious to visit the Carders of Upshur, Harrison, and Taylor counties if possible. I would like very much to see them once more before I pass over the “Deep and Dark River”.

May God bless you and yours,
I am kindly, etc.
Isiah Burritt McDonald

J2 Family of James Carder (born about 1766)

  • 1 Robert Carder (died 1844?), married 9 November 1829 in Shenandoah County, Virginia, to Elizabeth Sedwick, daughter of Benjamin Sedwick. After his death, she married Daniel Cullies. She died in Virginia. Robert Carder had a shoemaking business in Luray, Page County, Virginia. He owned land on the new Mundlesville to Bixler’s Ferry road near Luray in 1833. He particapated in patrol duty on the new road in 1835, due to the scare of an uprising. A Virginia Page Carder lived in his home and she was listed on an 1840 list of Rev. War/Military service pensioners. This is possibly Robert’s mother or stepmother.
  • 2 Coleman Carder (b about 1792), married Margaret Clore (1789-); lived in Madison County, Va., in 1830, and Rappahannock Co. in 1840. He died near Woodville, Rappahannock County, Virginia, probably around 1890. He worked in the shoemaking business with his brother Robert in Luray for a time. In 1850 he was a farmer.
  • 3 John Richard Carder (1796 - 30 July 1876), married 17 January 1822 in Culpeper County, to Frances Spicer (1797 - 22 April 1883). John R. Carder was a private in Capt. John Thorn’s company of Virginia Militia during the War of 1812. John was a farmer. He moved about 1832 from Rappahannock County, Va. to the Headwaters of Kincheloe Creek, in Harrison Couty, W.Va. It is said that he the first ice house ever erected in that region. An old story says that John Carder attended a muster for the War of 1812 in Virginia. While at this muster, he was attacked by several amen and then in a brawl he knocked four of them down before the fight was stopped. He was considered a good man in his community. He and his wife Frances are buried at Kincheloe, in Harrison County. A Sarah Brown, age 67, is listed in his household in 1860, and again in 1870 as Sarah Browning, age 80. In 1880 Frances was living with her son Randolph.
  • 4 William Lewis Carder (1800 - 8 July 1881), born in the part of Culpeper County that is now Rappahannock County. He married about 1820 to Elizabeth Courtney (1798-187?), who was a daughter of Christopher Courtney and Mary Ann Johnson Courtney. He appears as a farmer in Culpeper and Rappahannock County census records from 1820 to 1880. In 1844 he purchased 125 acres on Bessie Bell Mountain in Rappahannock County. He was a road overseer in 1848, and was responsible for keeping some public roads in a good state of repair. Over his liftime, he acquired over 400 acres of land.
  • 5 James Carder, Jr. (about 1810 - after 1880), married 9 January 1834 to Mary Ann Courtney (1805 - ), daughter of Christopher Courtney. He lived in the part of Culpeper County that became Rappahannock County. He was listed as a shoemaker in the 1850 census of Rappahannock County.
  • 6 George Lawson Carder (died about 1833), was a shoemaker. He lived at Luray , Page County, Virginia. He worked for a time with his brother Robert in the shoemaking business.
  • 7 Joseph Carder (1815 - ), married first to Frances ____ (died 1851), second on 26 September 1852 to Louisa Bowman. He moved to Shelby County, Illinois, in 1834. According to a Shelby County, Illinois history that has a biography of Joseph’s son-in-law, Colmady P. Roberts, “Joseph and Frances Carder were early pioneers of Shelby County. ... He had five children by his first marriage, and six by his second marriage.” He bought 40.37 acres in Shelby County in 1837, 40.67 acres in 1838, and 80 acres in 1863.
  • 8 Elizabeth Carder (1803-1883), married Carter McDaniel or McDonald.
  • 9 Frances Carder, married James McDaniel
  • 10 Polly Carder (died before 1834), married Benjamin Deal, had two children, James Deal and Elizabeth Deal.

Second Generation Descendants of James Carder (born about 1766)

J2-1 Family of Robert Carder (died 1844?) and Elizabeth Sedwick Carder

The following information is from History of Texas, published in Chicago by Lewis Publishing Co., in 1895.

  • 1 Virginia Carder (died before 1895).
  • 2 Sarah Carder, married Joseph Hisey (died before 1895).
  • 3 Benjamin S. Carder, lived near Decatur, Wise County, Texas, in 1895. He was in the Confederate Army in Co. D, 7th Regt. Cavalry.
  • 4 Ursula Carder, married Thomas Walters (died before 1895).
  • 5 Joshua Wilson Carder (22 June 1839 - after 1895), married 28 July 1868 to Sabina Jane Strickler (17 February 1840 - January 1903), who was a daughter of Harrison Louisa Sedwick Strickler. “J.W.” Carder was born in the Shenendoah Valley of Virginia. He learned the carpenter’s trade and in 1860 he located at Culpeper, Virginia. In 1861 he enlisted in the Seventh Virginia Infantry, Company C, Pickett’s Division. He was in the Army of Virginia for the duration of the war. He moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 1877, but left his family in Virginia. About 1881 he moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, and his family moved there from Virginia. He was engaged in farming and livestock raising. In 1895 he still lived at Shreveport. In the 1880 census his family lived at Springfield, Page County, Virginia, while J.W. was in Texas.
  • 6 Steven Carder, served in the Civil War and was killed at the Battle of Seven Pines.

J2-2 Family of Coleman Carder (1792?-1890?) and Margaret Clore Carder (1789-)

  • 1 Amanda Carder (1811-), living with her parents in 1850.
  • 2 Unknown child born 1810-1820
  • 3 A son born 1810-1820
  • 4 Jane Carder (1823-), living with her parents in 1850
  • 5 Hammet Carder (1825-), (son), lived with his parents in 1850

J2-3 Family of John R. Carder (1797-1876) and Frances Spicer Carder (1797-1883)

  • 1 Albert Spicer Carder (12 December 1822 - August 1900), married 29 March 1845, at Bristol, Harrison County, WV, to Martha Pauline Barnett (7 December 1827 - 1 June 1900), who was the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Calhoun Barnett, who were born at Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Martha’s mother was a first cousin of the statesman, John C. Calhoun. Albert Carder was born in Culpeper Co., Va. and is buried at Adamston, near Clarksburg, Harrison County, WV. In the 1850 census he is listed in Gilmer County, WV as a merchant. In 1860 he is listed in Harrison County as a physician. He was a doctor, singing master, and scholar. According to one source, he was considered to be the best physician in the community for his time.
  • 2 James Franklin “Frank” Carder (1825-), married Margaret _____ (1829 - ), who was born in Ohio. “Frank” Carder was born in Culpeper County, Va., and is listed as a farmer in Gilmer County, WV in 1850 he lived near his brothers Albert, Randolph, and George L. Carder. He was a physician around Sardis, Harrison County, WV, for a while and then moved to other parts of West Virginia and other states. In 1880 he was living in Doddridge County, WV, where he was a physician.
  • 3 Randolph Carder (1826-), married first to Jane (1830-before 1865), second in 1865 to Eliza A. O’Rourke (1821-). He was a farmer in 1850 in Gilmer County, WV, and was a farm laborer in 1860 in Harrison County, WV. He lived at the old homestead.
  • 4 George Lawson Carder (16 April 1827 - 11 March 1912), married September 1853, to Mary Law (20 June 1834 - 28 September 1912). He was born in Culpeper Co., Va. and lived in Gilmer Co., WV in 1850 and Harrison Co., WV in 1860. A Jacob Carder, born 1775, was living in his household in 1860. This is probably the same Jacob Carder who appeared on the tax lists of Culpeper County from 1799 to 1804 and later lived in Harrison (1819-1828) and Wood (1850) Counties, WV. This Jacob Carder could be George L. Carder’s great uncle, possibly a brother to James Carder (born about 1766).
  • 5 Thomas J. Carder (1830-1898), married 13 December 1849 to Nancy E. Barnett (1830-1915), daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Calhoun(?) Barnett. He was born in Culpeper County, Va. and was a farmer. His wife is listed as Mary in the 1860 census. In 1910 Nancy lived with her son Irving in Braxton County, WV.
  • 6 Nancy Carder (1833-), born in Culpeper County, Va. This person is listed in the John Carder household in 1850, but might be Thomas Carder’s wife.
  • 7 Mary Carder, died perhaps before marriage.
  • 8 There is a Martha Carder (born 1840) listed with John and Frances Carder in the 1860 census.

J2-4 Family of William Carder (1800-1881) and Elizabeth Courtney Carder (1798-187?)

  • 1 Mary A. Carder (December 1821 - 4 July 1900), never married. She lived with her parents in Rappahannock Co., Va. and inherited their 125 acre farm known as the “Bessie Bell Mountain Property”. When she died she left her farm to James Harvey Johnson and Mary Ella Carder Johnson, who had lived with her.
  • 2 Charles R. Carder (29 April 1825 - 23 September 1903), married in the 1850s to Anna E.Rosson (1836-1868?). He lived in Woodville, Rappahannock Co, Va. He was a merchant clerk in 1850 and a merchant in 1860.
  • 3 Richard J. Carder (29 April 1825 - 14 July 1913), married 20 December 1852 to Mary Margaret Foley (27 July 1837 - 12 March 1911). Richard was a cabinetmaker and a carpenter. They are both buried at New Salem Baptist Church Cemetery on US. Highway 522, south of Boston, Virginia.
  • 4 William Lewis Carder, Jr. (1827-1881), married 4 November 1868 to Jane Sisk (1832-1893), who was a sister to Lucy Sisk, who married William’s brother Champe Carder. He was possibly married earlier because his son is listed as born in 1862 on the 1900 census. William was living with his parents in 1860, where he was listed as a farmer. Jane Sisk Carder is buried at the Carder cemetery on Bessie Bell Farm in Rappahannock County, Virginia.
  • 5 Robert W. Carder (1830-1863?), married Sabra Jane Foley on 23 January 1852 in Rappahannock County, Va. In 1860 they were living with his parents. He most likely died in 1863 when his brothers and sisters purchased his personal property at an estate sale (15 October 1863). It is not known how Robert Carder died, but an old story was passed down through the family about a Robert Carder being killed during the Civil War in some kind of civil disturbance. He was listed as a teacher in 1860. In his estate was a set of shoemaker tools, a Latin Grammar book, a map, and a geography book.
  • 6 Champe Clark Carder (3 May 1836 - 28 October 1884), married 15 October 1858 to Lucy A. Sisk (16 May 1838 - 7 February 1909). He was in the Civil War and fought for the Union Army, unlike most other Virginians. He was killed with his son in an accident in which a boiler exploded while he was sawing lumber. They lived in Culpeper County and at Bessie Bell Mountain in Rappahannock County, Virginia.

J2-5 Family of James Carder, Jr. (1810-after1880) and Mary Ann Courtney Carder (1805-)

  • 1 Lucretia A. “Polly” Carder (8 May 1835 - 27 January 1913), married 1 December 1856 to Augustine Hawkins, Jr. (28 May 1834 - 2 September 1916). They moved to Blue Creek Township, Adams County, Indiana, and died there.
  • 2 Susan Carder (1837 - )
  • 3 Silas B. Carder (1840 - ), married Mary E. _____ (1842-). They had nine children, six of whom died in an epidemic. He is listed in the 1880 census of Rappahannock County, Va., as a farm laborer.
  • 4 William Johnson Carder (1842-), married first, before 1872, to Jennie ______; second, before 1877, to Margaret _______; third, before 1892, to Lucy. He was a farm laborer living with his father James Carder in 1880 in Rappahannock Co., Va. His wife was apparently dead in 1880, because she was not listed with her husband and the three children.

J2-7 Family of Joseph Carder (1814-) and Frances Carder (died 1851)

  • 1 James Carder
  • 2 Henry Carder (January 1845-), married Mary J. Plowman (March 1854-); They lived at Dry Point, Shelby, County, Illinois, where Henry was a farmer. He was a private in Co. K, 14th Reorganized Illinois Infantry, enlisted 18 February 1865.
  • 3 Frances Carder
  • 4 A duaghter who died young
  • 5 Elmira Carder (1850-), married Colmady P. Roberts.

Joseph Carder also had six more children born after 1852 by his second wife, Louisa Bowman.

J2-8 Family of Elizabeth Carder McDonald (1803-1883) and Carter McDonald

  • 1 Isaiah Burritt McDonald (1828-), lived in Columbia City, Indiana in 1893.

J2-10 Family of Polly Carder Deal (died before 1834) and Benjamin Deal (died after 1834)

  • 1 James Deal (born before 1834)
  • 2 Elizabeth Deal (born before 1834)

Third Generation Descendants of James Carder (born about 1766)

J2-1-5 Family of Joshua Wilson Carder (1839-after 1895) and Sabina Jane Strickler Carder (1840-1903)

  • 1 Lelia Anetta Carder (3 May 1869 - ), born in Page County, Va.
  • 2 Charles Monroe Carder (1 October 1871 - ), married Betty Haynes.
  • 3 Harrison L. Carder (23 February 1873 - 1884)
  • 4 Maude Eleise Carder (5 September 1876 - )
  • 5 Edith Lorene Carder (12 March 1878 - ), married on 6 August 1902 to Thomas Parish.

J2-3-1 Family of Dr. Albert S. Carder (1822-1900) and Pauline Barnett Carder (1827-1900)

  • 1 Joseph Barnett Carder (16 February 1846 - 16 March 1878). He studied at Louisville Medical College and was a physician, like his father. He died in falling from a horse while making his professional rounds. He never married.
  • 2 Elizabeth F. Carder (23 February 1848 - about 1902), married Dr. Austin Alexander James (1841 - about 1927). They lived in Doddridge County, WV. She died at Clarksburg, WV.
  • 3 Rose M. Carder (30 November 1850 - 30 November 1850)
  • 4 Mary Evelyn Carder (25 May 1852 - 7 April 1923), married 25 October 1879 to Millard Fillmore Cather (20 November 1854 - 20 November 1944), who was a son of Thomas and Emeline (Cather) Cather. Mary and Millard Cather are both buried at Grafton, Taylor Co., WV. In 1880 they lived with Mary’s parents. Millard was a teacher in 1880.
  • 5 Sarah Jane Carder (7 January 1855 - ), married a Davis; lived at Bristol, Harrison Co., WV. They had no children. She was still living at home with her parents in 1880 in Harrison County, WV.
  • 6 Phrania Ann Carder (18 June 1858? - 3 April 1874)
  • 7 Allen Carder (December 1859 - ), died in infancy.
  • 8 John Columbus Carder (4 April 1860 - ), never married. He lived with his parents in 1880.
  • 10 Bird Lee Carder (11 January 1862 - ), married Walton Fitz Randolph (28 February 1861 - 15 April 1890), son of Daniel and Nancy Hoover Fitz Randolph. They lived at Salem, WV.
  • 11 Charles Calhoun “Dick” Carder (29 October 1865 - ), married about 1887 to Daisy Mae Wildman (5 November 1871 - ).
  • 12 Myrtle B. Carder (15 June 1869 - 23 August 1869)
  • 13 Thomasann Carder (16 August 1870? - 2 May 1871)

J2-3-2 Family of James Franklin Carder (1825-) and Margaret Carder (1829-)

  • 1 John L. Carder (1849 - ), born in Gilmer Co., WV; never married. He was a teacher in 1870 and lived with his parents in Harrison County, WV.
  • 2 George A. Carder (1852-), married a Hickman of Ohio. They had one daughter. He was born in Ohio, according to the 1870 census.
  • 3 Eliza Carder
  • 4 James William Carder, married about 1888 to Berda Ash (April 1869 - ) . He might is listed with his parents in the 1870 and 1880 census. In 1900 he is listed as a stone mason in Ten Mile District, Harrison County, WV.
  • 5 Martha F."Frankie" Carder (1855-), born in Gilmer Co., WV, married 22 April 1875, to William S. Strother (1855-), son of Samuel P. and Martha J. Strother.
  • 6 Addie Carder, married a Parks of Elkins, WV. She died young. She might be the Mary A. Carder, born 1862, listed with her parents in 1870 and 1880.
  • 7 Edward F. Carder (1872-), listed in the 1880 census with his parents.
  • 7 Kate M. Carder (1875-), listed in the 1880 census with her parents.
  • 8 Richard “Dick” Carder

J2-3-3 Family of Randolph Carder (1826-) and Jane Carder (1830-bef. 1865)

  • 1 John Carder (1850-), born in Gilmer Co., WV. May have died young because he is not in the 1860 census with his parents.
  • 2 Susan Frances Carder (1853-), married 17 October 1875 to Andrew Moffett.
  • 3 James Franklin “Frank” Carder (12 May 1856-), born at Kincheloe, Harrison Co, WV. He lived at home with his parents in 1880.
  • 4 Isaac R. Carder (3 August 1858-), married first 30 December 1879, to Mary Frances ______ (1858-); second 21 October 1888, to Julia A, Springston (1870 - ), daughter of William and Jane Springston. In 1880 Isaac and his wife Mary lived with Isaac’s parents.

J2-3-4 Family of George Lawson Carder (1827-1912) and Mary Law Carder (1834-1912)

  • 1 Minerva Jane Carder (7 August 1855 -10 June1928 ), married first to Charles Keys; married second to James Peter Carr (died 1920). She was born at Kincheloe, Harrison Co., WV. They had one child, Emma Carr. James Carr was also previously married to Sarah Mines and had a daughter Tensie E. Carr (22 September 1872 - ), who married on 12 March 1895 to John A. Carder, son of William F. and Sophia Martin Carder. The will of James P. Carr, recorded 30 December 1920 mentions Tensie E. Carder as the only beneficiary.
  • 2 William Asa Carder (22 April 1857 - 1929), married 16 November 1879, to Bird Coffindaffer (14 June 1860 - 1930), daughter of Joseph and Eve (Bowers) Coffindaffer. Both William and Bird Carder died in Harrison County, WV. He lived in 1880 in Harrison County, WV, where he was a farm laborer.
  • 3 Waitman T. Carder (23 January 1859 - 15 November 1930), married Jettie Gay Davis (15 September 1869 - 12 November 1953), who was a daughter of Alvin and Victoria Dotson Davis. They lived at Long Run, Doddridge Co., WV.
  • 4 Maria Evaline Carder (22 September 1861 - 30 April 1882)
  • 5 Sarah Josephine Carder (22 November 1863 - 20 December 1925), married Abraham Coffindaffer (1861 - ), who was a son of Joseph B. Coffindaffer.
  • 6 Eliza Frances Carder (9 July 1866 - ), married Alex McClain.
  • 7 Susan E. Carder (1867 - before 1911)
  • 8 Amanda Melvina Carder (6 December 1868 - 10 January 1966), married Caldwell Ford and lived at Salem, Harrison Co., WV.
  • 9 Elizabeth Ella Carder (17 April 1871 - 6 April 1943), married John Davis.
  • 10 James Albert Carder (26 February 1873 - 27 June 1935), married Mable Barker. He was an engineer, farmer, and dairyman, and lived in Orlando, Florida. He had no living children. In 1900 he was a teacher and was still living at home.
  • 11 Ova Carder, lived in 1961 at Clarksburg, Harrison Co., WV.

The 1870 census also lists Hattie Carder, age 6, and Catherine Carder, age 5, in this household.

J2-3-5 Family of Thomas J. Carder (1830-1898) and Nancy Barnett Carder (1830-1915)

  • 1 Irving J. Carder (1852 - 1923), married Sabina Ann Roberts (died 1937). He is said to be a self made man well versed in music and education for his time. He was the county superintendent of schools in Braxton County, WV, for years. Several of his children were school teachers.
  • 2 George Cumberland Carder (8 March 1853-1910), marriedabout 1895 to Melvina Sutton (1875-1952). They lived at Tesla, Braxton Co., WV. In 1900 they lived at Otter District, Braxton County, where George was a day laborer.
  • 3 Margaret Carder (7 November 1855 - ), born at Isaac’s Creek, Harrison Co., WV.
  • 4 Joseph B. Carder (24 December 1857 - 1920), lived at Kincheloe, Harrison Co.,WV. In 1900 he lived with his brother John in Braxton County, where he was a stonecutter. The 1900 census has his birthdate as December 1861.
  • 5 John R. Carder (2 June 1861 - 1937), married 26 November 1886, to Rebecca Jane Skidmore. He was born at Richwood, WV, and is buried at Sutton, Braxton Co, WV. The 1900 census has his birthdate as June 1864.
  • 6 Frana (Fannie?) Carder (1864-1902)
  • 7 James C. Carder (3 May 1865 - 1904), married about 1891 to Jerushia _______ (June 1872-). He was a farmer in Braxton County, WV in 1900 and lived near his brothers Irving and George. The 1900 census has his birthdate as May 1867.
  • 8 Elizabeth Carder (1869 - ), twin of Frances.
  • 9 Frances (Francie) Carder (1869 - ), twin of Elizabeth.
  • 10 Thomas J. Carder (15 October 1873 - 1924), died at Union District.
  • 11 Mandival Carder (October 1873 - ), married about 1892 to Edna J. _______ (August 1872-). In 1900 he was a lumber laborer at Holly District, Braxton County, WV.
  • 12 Essie Carder (died 1911)

Also living in 1900 in Holly District, Braxton County, WV, near some of these Carders is Fannie Jackson (July 1877-) and her husband Warder Jackson (September 1877-), who had been married less than a year. In their household was Fannie’s son Orvil S. Carder (August 1894-). It is not known where they fit into the family.

J2-4-2 Family of Charles R. Carder (1824-1903 ) and Anna E. Rosson Carder (1836-)

  • 1 Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Carder (1860 - 23 December 1931), married 10 December 1889 to her cousin Charles William Carder (1857-).
  • 2 Annie R. Carder (10 September 1867 - 11 May 1951), married 15 November 1900 to George W. Johnson (27 March 1872 - 5 July 1940). He was a store owner and a director of Culpeper Grocery Company. They are buried at the Episcopal Cemetery in Woodville, Virginia.

J2-4-3 Family of Richard J. Carder (1825-1913) and Mary Margaret Foley Carder (1837-1911)

  • 1 Annie B. Carder (1855-), married Samuel L. Compton.
  • 2 Charles William Carder (1857-), married his cousin Mary Elizabeth Carder (1860-1931) J2-4-2-1
  • 3 Sabra Jane Carder (21 July 1860 - 3 January 1919), married 24 January 1884 to Robert Preston Coates (15 February 1860 - 8 January 1940), who was a farmer. They are both buried at New Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Route 522.
  • 4 Henry Scott Carder (April 1865 - November 1949), married 23 December 1890 to Emma A. Grimsley . He lived at Woodville, VA, and was a house carpenter.
  • 5 Sarah “Sally” Maud Carder (1869 - ), married 28 November 1886 to Charles Lewis Butler (1851-), who was a farmer.

J2-4-4 Family of William L. Carder, Jr. (1827-1881) and Jane Sisk Carder (1832-1893)

  • 1 Robert Warren Carder (June 1862 - 27 October 1927), moved west as a lad; later lived in Chicago, Illinois, where he was a member of the firm, Hitch and Carder, Grain Commisioners. He married about 1895 to Ella _____ (September 1864-), who was born in Wisconsin. He is listed in the 1900 census of Chicago, Cook county, Illinois, as a commissioner.

J2-4-6 Family of Champe Carder(1836-1885) and Lucy Sisk Carder(1838- 1909)

  • 1 William “Willie” Warren Carder (8 July 1859 - 26 July 1930), married 1 July 1881 to Cora Lee Johnson (28 July 1850 - 30 January 1941). He was a farmer and lived at Ball Hollow (west of Woodville) until 1898, when he moved to Mitchells (6 miles south of, Culpeper). Here he was a farm manager of some 800 acres. In 1908 he moved to Falls Church to become the manager of a dairy farm. In 1911 he moved to a home his sons Edgar and George built for him in Cherrydale, Va. In 1919 he suffered a stroke and walked with two canes until shortly before his death. Both William and Cora Lee are both buried in the Fairview Cemetery at Culpeper.
  • 2 Mary Ella Carder (23 March 1861 - 5 November 1945), married James Harvey Johnson (25 May 1849 - 3 August 1937). Ella and Harvey Johnson lived at the “Bessie Bell Mountain Property” with their Aunt Mary Ann Carder. They are both buried at the Episcopal Cemetery at Woodville.
  • 3 Robert Henry “Bob” Carder (10 May 1863 - 4 January 1938), married 17 November 1917, to Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Rudasill (26 August 1882 - 12 October 1976). He was a farmer all his life. He was a lifelong member of Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church and was an active worker in the church as a trustee and a Deacon. He was the superintendant of the Sunday School for many years. They are buried in the Rudasill section of the Fairview Cemetery at Culpeper.
  • 4 Almira Jane “Jennie” Carder (1867-1934), married 2 December 1886 to George Amos Deal (18 November 1869 - 26 February 1928). They are both buried at the Fairview Cemetery at Culpeper.
  • 5 Nettie M. Carder (1869 - 1943), married Silas Newton Kibler (1869 - 8 August 1944). They had no children. They are buried at the Episcopal cemetery at Woodville.
  • 6 Isaiah B. Carder (1871-1885), died in the same accident that killed his father. He is buried in a common grave with his father on Bessie Bell Mouintain.
  • 7 Ulysses Grant Carder (1 October 1873 - 22 October 1962), married 18 February 1903 to Delsie F. Kilby (1877 - 8 March 1954). He moved to Washington, DC in 1903 and was a street car conductor until 1918 when he began working in a Safeway grocery warehouse.
  • 8 Elizabeth “Bess” M. Carder (26 March 1876 - 9 December 1964), never married. She lived with her brother Robert Henry Carder for some time and in later years lived at the home of Harvey and Mary Ella Johnson. She was a gracious lady and was always willing to help others. She was also an excellent seamstress and quilter.
  • 9 Christopher Columbus “Lum” Carder (14 March 1880 - 11 September 1960), married in 1917 to Mary Compton (20 June 1887 - 17 December 1981). He was in the grocery business and later became a painter. They had no children. Both are buried at the Fairview Cemetery at Culpeper.

J2-5-1 Family of Lucretia Carder Hawkins(1835-1913) and Augustine Hawkins, Jr . (1834-1916)

  • 1 Andrew Jackson Hawkins
  • 2 William Hawkins
  • 3 Henry Hawkins
  • 4 Sarah Hawkins
  • 5 Elizabeth E. Hawkins, married Lemuel G. Williams
  • 6 Anna Hawkins
  • 7 Lucretia Hawkins
  • 8 Myrtle Hawkins

J2-5-3 Family of Silas B. Carder (1840-) and Mary E. Carder (1842-)

  • 1 Mary W. Carder (1871-), died young.
  • 2 Albert W. Carder (1873-), died young.
  • 3 Emma W. Carder (1879-), died young.
  • 4 Wallace Eggborn Carder (1883-1951), married first 29 August 1911, to Mary Dodson (1879-1947), second to Lilly Stringfellow (died 1974).
  • 5 Jessie May Carder (1888-), married Bernard Amos Carder (1892-), who was a son of William Johnson Carder and Lucy Carder, according to marriage records.
  • 6 Sally Carder, married Forrest Carpenter. They had a son, Forrest Carpenter (died 1972), and a grandson, Forrest Carpenter, Jr., who lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

J2-5-4 Family of William Johnson Carder (1842-)

  • 1 Annie V. Carder (1870 - )
  • 2 Edward Wakefield Carder (1872-), married first, before 1897 to Mary ______; second, 26 December 1901, to Daisy Deun Grimsley (1879-); married third, 30 December 1906, to Mabel Wilson (1885-). His mother was Jennie, the first wife of William J. Carder.
  • 3 David F. (Preston?) Carder (1876-)
  • 4 William Carder
  • 5 Ida Carder
  • 6 Bernard Amos Carder (1892-), married Jessie May Carder (1888-), his cousin. Bernard’s mother was Lucy, the third wife of William J. Carder.

J2-7-1 Family of Henry Carder (1845-) and Mary J. Plowman Carder (1854-)

  • 1 Cora Carder (1875-), born at Shelby County, Illinois.
  • 2 James Otis Carder (31 January 1877 - 29 May 1958), born at Shelby County, Illinois; married 13 October 1903 to Mattie Hall (13 January 1880-).
  • 3 Bertha R. Carder (May 1882-), born at Shelby County, Illinois.
  • 4 Amy H. Carder (November 1899-), born at Shelby County, Illinois.

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