Descendants of George Carder (1777?-1849?) of Virginia and Ohio

George Carder, of Ross County, Ohio, Franklin County, Ohio, and possibly of Whitley County, Indiana, was probably a son of William (d. 1801) and Sarah Carder (d. 1807) of Culpeper County, Va., Hampshire County, W.Va., and Ross County, Ohio. If he is the George Carder who was their son, then he was born about 1777, according to tax lists of Hampshire County (see earlier chapter on William Carder). A George CORDER married Jenny Ross in 1805 in Ross County, Ohio. This is probably the same George Carder who lived in Franklin County by 1809, and had a wife Jane in 1819 in Franklin County, Ohio. Further evidence for a Carder/Ross marriage is shown in the will of John Ross and his wife of Ross County and later Franklin County, who named Joseph and William Carder in their wills. A William Carder and a Joshua Carder (possibly the same person as the above named Joseph?) lived in Franklin County in the 1830s and are about the right age to be sons of George Carder. Joshua Carder is definitely George Carderís son, and it could be speculated that William Carder is also George Carderís son. Both William and Joshua Carder moved to Whitley County, Indiana, in the 1840s and lived next to one another there.

George Carder owned 100 acres on Darby Creek in Franklin County, Ohio. He was taxed on this land from 1809 to 1830. He sold a farm in Franklin County in 1833. In 1819, his wife Jane sued for divorce, but the case was dismissed. Worth M. Tippy (1868-), a descendant of George Carderís son Joshua, wrote in 1950 in his An American Home, being the Life Story of Oren Tippy and Mary Isabel Carder, that Joshua Carderís forebears came to Ohio from Virginia, not far from Staunton. He also said that George Carder, father of Joshua, went overland to California in 1849, after the death of his wife, and was never heard from again.

G1 Family of George Carder (1777?-1849?) and Jane (Jenny Ross?) Carder

  • 1 (probably George Carderís son) William M. Carder (1808 - ), married Eley (Alice Boyd?), who was born in Tennessee. In the Franklin County marriage records, a William M. Carder was married to Alice Boyd on 11 March 1830. He lived in Brown Township, Franklin County, Ohio, in the 1830 census. He and his wife Eley sold 56 acres on the waters of Darby Creek in Franklin County to John Comley for two hundred dollars in 1834. He later moved to Whitley County, Indiana, about 1848, where he was listed in the 1850 census as a farmer.
  • 2 Joshua Carder (1 June 1810 - 1 March 1861), married Lucinda Hickman (19 January 1814 - 25 April 1888). He was born at Westerville, near Columbus, Ohio. He died at Carderís Siding, eleven miles east of Winona, Kosiusco County, Indiana. He was a lumberman, and went from Ohio to Indiana about 1846-47, where he settled in Kosiusco County and built a mill at Carderís Siding. He was in the Civil War and was with General Sherman at the Atlanta Campaign. According to the marriage records of Franklin County, Ohio, Joshua Carder married Lucinda Ross on 23 December 1831.

Second Generation Descendants of George Carder (1777?-1849?)

G1-1(?) Family of William Carder (1808-) and Eley Carder

  • 1 Lydia M. Carder (1833 - ), born in Ohio.
  • 2 John Carder (1836 - ), born in Ohio; married Rosannah (1835-). They lived in Whitley Co., Indiana in 1860.
  • 3 Mary M. Carder (1840 - ), born in Ohio.
  • 4 Joseph Carder (1842 - ), born in Ohio.
  • 5 Jasper Carder (1844 - ), born in Ohio.
  • 6 Nancy J. Carder (1847 - ), born in Ohio.
  • 7 William A. Carder (1849 - ), born in Indiana.

G1-2 Family of Joshua Carder (1810-1861) and Lucinda Hickman Carder (1814-1888)

  • 1 Wesley J. Carder (April 1837 - ), born in Ohio; married about 1862 to Mary A. (Jan 1839-1910). They lived in 1880 at Maquoketa Township, Jackson County, Iowa. Mary died at Eagle Grove, Wright County, Iowa.
  • 2 Archibald M. Carder (1839 - ), born in Ohio. Served in the Civil War in the Army of the Cumberland, and was killed at Chickamauga. He is buried at the military cemetery at Chattanooga.
  • 3 Mary Isabel Carder (13 July 1841 - 15 July 1925), married 15 October 1865 to Oren Tippy (8 November 1842 - 12 April 1926), a son of Elias and Celesta Lane Tippy. She was born near Westerville, Franklin County, Ohio, and died at New Carlisle, St. Joseph County, Indiana. Oren Tippy was also born near Westerville and died at New Carlisle.
  • 4 Lucinda Carder (1844 - ), born in Ohio, married Joseph Davis. They had a farm four miles east of Walkerton, St. Joseph County, Indiana.
  • 5 Ann Elizabeth Carder (1845 - ), born in Ohio.
  • 6 Maria Cordelia Carder (1848 - ), born in Indiana.
  • 7 David Marion Carder (August 1850 - ), born in Indiana; married 1873 to Delilah M. ______ (December 1854-), who was born in Indiana. Both of her parents were born in New York. In 1880 they lived at Warren Twp, St. Joseph County, Indiana. They lived in 1900 at Portage Township, St. Joseph County, Indiana, where David ran a boarding and lodging business.
  • 8 Alfred Carder

Third Generation Descendants of George Carder (1777?-1849?)

G1-1-2 Family of John Carder (1836-) and Rosannah Carder (1835-)

  • 1 Noah Carder (1858-)

G1-2-1 Family of Wesley J. Carder (1837-) and Mary A. Carder (1839-1910)

  • 1 Edward E. Carder (1863-), born in Indiana.
  • 2 Jessie M. Carder (1866-), born in Indiana.
  • 3 Lucinda A. Carder (1868-), born in Indiana.
  • 4 Daniel J. Carder (1870-), born in Iowa.
  • 5 Charles F. Carder (August 1875-), born in Iowa; married Ida _____ (1877-), who was born in Indiana. In 1910, he lived with his parents in Wright County, where he was a mason. In 1915 they lived in Eagle Grove, Wright County, Iowa, where he was a clerk.

G1-2-3 Mary Isabel Carder Tippy (1841-1925) and Oren Tippy (1842-1926)

Oren and Mary Isabel Carder Tippy lived at Carderís Siding in Indiana from 1865 to about 1869. They then moved to Joseph and Lucinda Carder Davisí farm in St. Joseph County, Indiana. While there Oren leased his brother-in-law Joseph Davisí mill and bought a farm. In 1870 they moved to Puddletown, a few milies southwest of New Carlisle, where Oren was in charge of another mill for about a year. Then he operated a mill for five years at the South Woods, ten miles southwest of South Bend, Indiana. They then had a brief stay at Buchanan, Michigan, and then moved to Maple Grove, Indiana, about six miles northwest of New Carlisle. The firm of Tippy and Miller was established and built a sawmill and broom handle factory. Finally, in 1880, Tippy and Miller sold the mill at Maple Grove and bought the Ewers mill at New Carlisle, where Oren and Mary Isabel lived for the rest of their lives. The firm had a broom handle factory in addition to a saw mill and planing mill. They produced a half million broom handles yearly.

G1-2-3 Family of Mary Isabel Carder Tippy and Oren Tippy

  • 1 Worth Marion Tippy (8 November 1868 - ), born at Carderís Siding, married on 16 May 1895 to Zella Birda Ward, daughter if Lt. Col. William DeBurling and Mary Jane Todd Ward. They lived in New York.
  • 2 Bruce Owen Tippy (7 March 1868? - ), born at Carderís Siding, married first to Daisy K. Dickey (d. 24 November 1891), and married second on 6 January 1904, to Ada Patrick. They lived at Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • 3 Dora May Tippy (11 March 1870 - ), born near Walkerton, St. Joseph County, Indiana, married 31 December 1896 to Milton Horace Proud. They lived at New Carlisle, Indiana
  • 4 Frederick Alverne Tippy (8 October 1873 - ), born at Puddletown, near New Carlisle, married 25 April 1894 to Clara Clendenen. They lived at Big Rapids, Michigan.
  • 5 Charles Wesley Tippy (6 March 1876 - ), born at Maple Grove, married 8 January 1902, to Mable Margaret Deacon. They lived at Jackson, Michigan.
  • 6 Jesse Maude Tippy (9 September 1882 - ), born at New Carlisle, married 21 April 1913 to Jay DeWitt Sharp, son of Professor Dexter Augustus and Nancy Ann Hoffman Sharp. They lived at Cleveland, Ohio.

Some information on the descendants of Joshua Carder came from a compilation by Robert W. Carder of Madison, Connecticut. He relied on An American Home, being the Life Story of Oren Tippy and Mary Isabel Carder, by Worth M. Tippy, 1950.

G1-2-7 Family of David M. Carder (1850-) and Delilah M. Carder (1854-)

  • 1 Gracey Carder (March 1875-), born in Indiana.
  • 2 Edith Carder (April 1877-), born in Indiana.
  • 3 Earl Carder (1879 - ), died young.
  • 3 Maude Carder (March 1881-), born in Indiana.
  • 4 Bessie Carder (March 1891-), born in Indiana.
  • 5 Mabel Carder (August 1893-), born in Indiana.

Fourth Generation Descendants of George Carder (1777?-1849)

G1-2-1-5 Family of Charles F. Carder (1876-) and Ida Carder (1877-)

  • 1 Cecil Carder (1911-), born in Iowa.
  • 2 Frank Carder (1913-), born in Iowa.

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