Second Generation Descendants
of Abbot Carder (1770?-1843?)

    W1-3-2 Armstead Carder (1794 - 1857), son of Abbot Carder

    Armstead Carder, son of Abbot Carder, was born on 5 March 1794 in Hampshire County, W. Va. After his mother died, he and his brother William were taken west by their uncle, who moved to Ross County, Ohio. He married Mary Roberts (1795 - 8 July 1866) of Pickaway County, Ohio. His military service records show that he served 28 July to 6 Sept 1813 as a musician in Capt. Isaac Pancake’s Co. of Infantry, Col. John McDonald’s Regiment of Ohio Militia. Armstead made a deposition in 1851 that he was age 57 (b. 1794), a resident of New Holland, Pickaway Co., Ohio. He lived at one time on the Springfield Road, south of Bloomingsburg, Fayette Co., Ohio. He is also reported to have kept a hotel at New Holland, Fayette County, Ohio, according to the History of Fayette County, Ohio by Putnam. He died on 5 July 1857, aged 63 years and 4 months, and is buried in Frankfort, Concord Township, Ross County, Ohio, Methodist Cemetery.

    His estate was settled in 1859 and his heirs were : Mary Carder, widow, of Pickaway County, and children — William, of Ross County; Susan, of Ross County; heirs of John, of Pickaway County; Cordelia, wife of Benjamin F. Williams, of Livingston County, Missouri; Clayton and Edward P. Tiffin, minor children and heirs of John Tiffin (yet alive) and his wife Margaret Tiffin, formerly Margaret Carder, residing in Ray County, Missouri; Mary, wife of John Bryant, of Ross County, Ohio; and Samuel.

    W1-3-2 Family of Armstead Carder (1794 - 1857)

    • 1 Margaret Carder (b. 1810-1820 - d. before 1859), married 12 November 1835, to John Tiffin of Ray County, Missouri.
    • 2 William Carder (1822 - after 1859), married 13 October 1845, to Mary Ann Goldsberry (21 December 1825 - 8 May 1862), lived in Concord Township, Ross County, Ohio, in 1850.
    • 3 Mary Eliza Carder (12 September 1827 - 1879), married 1847 in Ross Co., Ohio, to John H. Bryant. She was born in Ross Co., Ohio.
    • 4 Cordelia Carder (6 February 1834 - 10 September 1919), married 2 June 1856, to Benjamin Franklin Williams (4 September 1832 - 25 June 1908), who was a son of Edward B. and Helen Fulton Williams. Cordelia was born and married in Pickaway Co., Ohio. She and her husband were living in Livingston Co., Missouri in 1859. They lived in Knoxville, Mo., in 1868, when she wrote a letter to her sister, Susan, mentioning her children Alley (William Allen), Frank, and Alonzo, and also mentioning a quilt her mother had given her. This letter was preserved by Susan. Benjamin F. Williams died in June 1908 at Davenport, Oklahoma. In 1917 Cordelia was living at Hamilton, Mo.
    • 5 Susan Carder (1 May 1835 - 10 May 1917), married 2 July 1861, to Dr. Henry Judy (19 September 1828 - about 1910). They had no children, but looked after their nephew George W. Bryant, son of Mary Eliza Carder Bryant and John H. Bryant. Susan left George Bryant her small estate at her death.
    • 6 John Carder (3 December 1825 - 22 April 1858), leaving children in Pickaway County.
    • 7 Frederick Carder (1829 - 1854), married 3 October 1852 to Selina Timmons.
    • 8 Samuel Carder (1836 - after 1859), living in Pickaway Co., Ohio, in 1859.

    W1-3-3 Family of George Carder (1795 - 1859) and Maria Hansborough Carder (1805 - 1866)

    • 1 Mary Carder (1825 - ), born in Allegany County, Md.
    • 2 James F. Carder (1835 - ), married 22 April 1856 to Jane Twigg (1832 - ). He was born in Allegany County, Md. He was in the Confederate Army in the Civil War with Company E, 2 Battalion, Md Cavalry.
    • 3 John W. Carder (22 February 1837 - 24 July 1909), married 1857 to Julia Ann Nicely (3 May 1839 - 23 May 1923). He owned a store in Oldtown and served as the directorate of several businesses in Cumberland, Md. He owned a farm in nearby Green Spring, W. Va., in Hampshire County, where he lived after 1870. He and his wife are both buried at Cumberland.

    W1-3-4 Family of James Carder (about 1804 - 1859) and Eunice Buckey Carder (died before 1825)

    • 1 Abbott Carder (1822- 23 Jan 1852), buried in Jackson Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison Co., WV. He is listed in the 1850 census in the James Carder household, age 28.
    • 2 William Martiney Carder, who was possibly raised by the Buckey family and appeared in Peter Buckey’s estate sale as Martiney Buckey. In a deed in 1859 he was listed as William M. Carder, Martiney Carder, and Martiney Buckey, where he sold land that he inherited from his grandfather Peter Buckey. He sold the land to his uncle, David Goff, who married another daughter of Peter Buckey.

    W1-3-4 Family of James Carder (about 1804 - 1859) and Lucinda Earle Carder (1801 - 1877)

    • 1 Sarah (Sally) Ann Carder (12 July 1826 - 12 November 1854), married 6 July 1847 to Ebenezer Wilson Patton (12 May 1822 - 28 October 1879). She was born in Beverly, Randolph County, West Virginia and died in West Milford, Harrison County, West Virginia. Her husband, Ebenezer Wilson Patton, was the presiding justice of the Harrison County Court from 1857-1858. He was also a hotel proprietor, civil engineer, builder of the West Milford and New Salem Turnpike in 1851-1852, merchant, and attorney. He died in Clarksburg, W. Va.
    • 2 James W. Carder, Jr. (1828 - 6 September 1902), married Mary Emma Duncan (April 1849 - 23 June 1925), who was born in Arkansas. James was listed in the 1850 census as a clerk living with his father, James Carder, Sr. He moved to Texas before 1870, then to Arkadelphia, Arkansas before 1872, and then back to Texas before 1880. He died at Hillsboro, Texas.
    • 3 William M. Carder, probably the same person as William Martiney Carder listed above.
    • 4 George W. Carder (April 1831 - ), born in Randolph County, W. Va., married, 1863, Ellen M. McDaniel, born about 1855 in South Carolina, who was a daughter of J. B. McDaniel. George moved to Baltimore, Md. in 1849, to Marshall, Texas in 1863, where he was in the Quartermaster’s Department. He then moved to Arkadelphia, Arkansas in 1865. He was the mayor of Arkadelphia, Arkansas from 1885-1888 and in 1890. In 1900 he was living in Caddo Township, Clark County, Arkansas.
    • 5 Mary E. Carder (1833 - )
    • 6 Nancy Carder (1835 - )
    • 7 Augusta Carder (1837 - )
    • 8 Archibald Carder (1840 - )
    • 9 Martha C. Carder (2 November 1841 - ), married a Kester.
    • 10 Virginia C. Carder (1842 - ), married a Fratheston or Featherstone.
    • 11 Columbia Carder (1846-), not listed in the 1850 census, but listed in the 1860 census living with Lucinda Carder.

    W1-3-5 Family of Abbott Carder, Jr. (1806 - 1894) and Susannah Stalnaker Carder (1808 - 1883)

    • 1 George A. Carder (1833 - ), died in a soldier’s home.
    • 2 Eli Judson Carder (November 1834 - after 1900), married in 1858 to Lucinda Virginia Kettle (December 1845 - ). In the 1900 census he was living at Soquell Township, Santa Cruz County, California, with his wife Lucinda V., age 54, who was born in West Virginia. They had 6 children, 4 of whom were living in 1900. According to his son, they moved to Nebraska before coming to California.
    • 3 James H. Carder (1836 - 1864), born in Harrison County, W.Va. Died of wounds received in the battle of Cloyd Mountain, in the area between Giles and Pulaski Counties, Va. He had no children.
    • 4 William W. Carder (2 August 1838 - 31 July 1902), married 18 April 1861, to Nancy Swarts (1842 - before 1900). She was born near London, Ontario, Canada, and was a daughter of Simon Swarts and his wife, Sarah Banghart. William Carder came with his parents in 1839 as an infant to Turtle Creek, Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio, and at age 16 started working for the Lebanon Citizen. At age 19 he went to Cincinatti and worked as a typesetter for the Enquirer and the Times. He then went to Peoria, Illinois, and worked as a typesetter for the Peoria Transcript until 1857, when he went out to the Nebraska Territory and spent seven years freighting goods across the plains as far west as Salt Lake City. In 1864 he became foreman of the Nebraska City Press, and in 1867 he came to Lincoln, Nebraska with Charles H. Gere and started the first Journal. He disposed of this business in 1868 and then spent four years in the railway mail service. He then went into farming on his land at Middle Creek Precinct until 1885, when he started hotel keeping, running the Howard House, and in 1888 he opened Carder’s European Hotel. He represented his county in the 1879 legislature. In his later years he lived at the home of his daughter, Emma, wife of J. B. Herrick, of Lincoln, Nebraska, and later of Ogden, Utah. He had three children.
    • 5 Zephaniah Carder (1839 - after 1884), married 1st to Mary, 2nd to Kitty, 3rd to Libby. He was living at Dayton, Ohio in 1884.
    • 6 John Hart Carder (28 July1842 - 30 June 1912), married 24 December 1863, in Warrensville, Warren County, Ohio, to Mary Emily Ellis (21 February 1845 - 13 December 1909), daughter of Preston Oglesbee Ellis and Lucy Ann Dakin Ellis. Mary Emily Ellis was born at Fort Williams, Clinton County Ohio, and died near Belle Center, Logan County, Ohio. John was born in Turtle Creek Township, Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio and died near Belle Center. Both John and Emily are buried in Fairview Cemetery at Belle Center.
    • 7 Joseph T. Carder (8 March 1844 - 26 March 1927), married 1st, 11 August 1864, to Emma T. Hawke, who died 18 July 1877 at Middleton, Butler County, Ohio. He then married on 29 May 1879, to Sarah Belle McGillen Beard (died 16 March 1909), whose first husband was Samuel Beard. He then married his third wife, Isabel Stofer Reicholt Ewing, whose earlier husbands were Henry Reicholt and Elmer Ewing. He was born at Turtle Creek Township, Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio.
    • 8 Charles G. Carder (28 October 1846 - 7 August 1918), married 22 November 1865, at Indianapolis, Indiana, to Mary Elizabeth McKnight, who died 27 November 1915, probably in Dayton, Ohio. He was born at Turtle Creek Township, Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio and died at Dayton, Ohio.
    • 9 Lewis Drake Carder (24 April 1848 - 8 September 1933), married 1st Molly _____; 2nd to Mrs. Cordelia Rice Martin, who died 28 February 1952 in Dayton, Ohio. He was born at Turtle Creek Township, Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio, and died at Dayton. He is buried at Waynesville, Ohio.
    • 10 Sarah H. Carder (25 August 1850 - ), married between 1888 and 1894, to Arthur Handsacker, of Lincoln, Nebraska. She was born at Turtle Creek Township, Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio
    • 11 Abbott W. Carder (25 April 1853 - after 1900), born in Lebanon, Ohio. Lived in 1900 with his son Charles C. Carder in Lincoln, Neb. He moved to Nebraska before 1881 because his son was born there in 1881.

    W1-3-9 Family of Mary (Polly) Carder and John Poland

    • 1 John Poland, Jr., supposedly was living in 1886.

    W1-3-10 Family of Catherine Carder Wamsley (1817-1893) and Abraham Wamsley (1811-1849)

    • 1 Randolph Wamsley (8 September 1836 - 26 December 1907)
    • 2 Judson Wamsley (19 December 1837 - 1901)
    • 3 Eunice Wamsley (9 October 1839 - 23 February 1946)
    • 4 Sophrona Wamsley (22 November 1841 - 12 October 1842)
    • 5 Mary Candice Wamsley (5 March 1843 - 27 February 1846)
    • 6 Dallas Wamsley (9 February 1845 - )
    • 7 Sarah Ann Wamsley (2 November 1846 - after 1936), married a Craddock. Mrs. Alicia McCrackin of Keswick, Iowa, wrote about Sarah Ann Wamsley Craddock: “Aunt Sally practically raised Sarah Frances (Frankie) Rummery (daughter of Araminta Cole Wamsley W1-3-10-9). Aunt Sally had two sons as I remember, and she took them to town with her and brought them home with her when they were in their 60s and 70s. She lived alone in the little town of Fruitland, Iowa, and made quilts in her last few years. If someone had a party in town and she was not invited, she would write to her state legislator and complain. My dad, John Reed, remembers her for her sour plum butter in the stone jars she always brought to them. I also remember her for sewing black sleeves on all of my grandmother’s dresses (Frankie). Her married name was Craddock.
    • 8 Frances Wamsley (23 November 1848 - )

    W1-3-10 Family of Catherine Carder Wamsley Beatty (1817 - 1893) and Sam Cole

    • 9 Araminta Cole Wamsley (21 June 1853 - 4 October 1878), married, 20 September 1868, to George David Rummery (25 January 1846 - 1919). She lived and died in Muscatine County, Iowa. In the Wamsley family Bible, she is listed as Araminta Cole, and in the marraiges she is listed as Araminta Cole Wamsley. After her death, George remarried to Mary Miller, had nine more children, and moved to Oklahoma.


    Letter from Abraham Wamsley to Catherine Carder Wamsley, February 22 1835

    February the 22, 1835

    My Dear Companion I have thought it my duty of writing to you to let you know that I am Well at Presant and Hope these few lines may find you in the Same State of Health and Have Had my Health Very Well and am Well Pleased at this Country I Have Been in this place not quite two month but Can Get Work here one year if I’ll Stay I want to Know whether you Could not Come Without me Coming after you. If you Can Come Without me it will Save me the trouble of coming and it will Save me the Expense of Coming in. If you Will Come I’ll send you mony Enought to pay your Way Here You can take stage there and in three Day you Will Get Here I Want you to Write to me to Let me know Whether you Will Come or not If you Will Come get your things to town and take stage Write to me as soon as possable and I’ll Send mony in the Next Letter So no more at Presant But Remain yours my Beeloved Wife

    Abraham Wamsley

    Catherin Wamsley

    Direct your letter to Kirkersville Licking County State of Ohio

    Give my respects to William Carder and to other friends and Relations tell all labor men can get from 75 cents to one Dollar a Day Work and every thing is Cheape than it is there Any of you write to me

    Direct your letter Kirkersville Licking County State of Ohio Abraham Wamsley

    Adressed to: Mrs. Katherine Wamsley Romney Hampshire Co Va.


    Letter from Edna Carder to Abraham Wamsley and Catherine Carder Wamsley, June 8, 1841

    June the 8th 1841

    Dear Son and daughter I take this opportunity to inform you that we are all well at present hopeing these few lines may find you both enjoying the same blessing ————————— it has bin four years last February sence we have received any letter from your brother John Carder ———— mared last September to Mrs Ida Carder We have had a very dry seson here Our harvest is light. Your Aunt Letty Carder was struck with the palsy the sixth of last February an has not walked any sence There is six of your Uncle John Carders family mared Wheat is one dollar per bushel __y is 60 cts oats 25 cts bacon eight cts venison 4 cents corn is 40 cents potatoes 35 cents butter 11 cents ____hons 12 cents There is four of Martha Shingletons family mared Money is very scarse here but we have a new capton over the ship and we think times will be better We wold be glad if you wod come and se us one time more but if you cannot come wright to us as soon as you can So no more at present but remain your affectionate mother from edny Carder to Abraham Wamsley

    Addressed to :  Mr. Abraham Wamsley, Kirkersville Post Office, Licking County Ohio 

    Forwarded to:   Mr. Abraham Wamsley, Bloomington, Iowa Territory, Muscatine County


    Letter from Edna Carder to her daughter Catherine Carder Wamsley, July 15 1849

    Hampshire County Va July 15 - 49

    Dear Daughter I with gratitude imbrace the presant opportunity of Writing to inform you that we are all well at this time through the Mercies of God we have Been Spared to the presant time and I hope that these few lines may find you and your family enjoying Good health I am happy to inform you that I Received your letter and to hear that you was all well But I am truly sorry to hear of your Misfortun I am Sad to Simpathise with you on account of your Bereavment But we all have to pay the Debt of Nature we all Must die But there is one thing Requirt to make us happy in this World and that which is to come You stated that your Children was Small But your friends were many This is verry consoling to find that you have friends though in a fare distant State But it is not often but what the fatherless and the Widow will find friends. I Would have been better Satisfide if you had wrote in your letter whether or not you had Been left with a hom or not you Stated that you have had Several cases of the Colera that Dredfull and most fatal Diseas has not Reached at Hampshire as yet But we know not how Soon it will make its appearance among us I am happy to inform you that Mary Poland is Married She Married a Mr Robertson and are living on the South Branch at GKeykendalls old mill. Unice is still living With old Mrs Entler Eloina is living at Mr Michael Entlor Lucinda is living at Mr James Blue on Jersey Mountains I will give you the price of Produce Wheat is worth 70 cents per bushel Corn 50 cents Rye 62 1/2 cents Bacon 7 and 8 cents per lb I stated where Several of the Girls was living and the balance are all at home I must inform you that we have had a verry Cold Backward Spring fruit is Schears hear and we have had a verry Drye Summer So fare though the crops of Small Grain is tolerable Good I suppose that I will rais some 175 to 200 hundred Bushels of wheat this summer the Reast of our friends are all Well so fare as I know and I supose that if they was not Well I should have heard it Tims is hard and Money Schearse at this time I want you to Write to me and state how you are Gitting along I must conclude by Sending our love to you

    Ever Remaining your Mother untill death Edna Carder

    Catherine Wamsley Muscatine County Iowa Bloomington P.O.


    W1-3-11 Family of Susan Carder (1820 - after 1900)

    • 1 Sarah Margaret Carder (1847 - ), married Stephen Hannas (19 December 1847 - ). Stephen Hannas was nine years old when his father died. He and his brother Jack Sloan went to live with their uncle John Harris Hannas on the Little Cacapon River in Hampshire County. When he was 17, he left by an upstairs window, swam the river, and joined the Confederate Army. During the war he was a member of Company D 18th Virginia Cavalry commanded by Col. E. H. McDonald. He was also a member of the Stonewall Jackson Brigade. After the war he married Sarah Carder at the home of his uncle John Hannas on January 30, 1865. They lived at the old Hannas place south of Fairview Church. This property was owned in 1980 by Sloan and Timbrook. At one time Stephen Hannas owned about 1100 acres of land in the area. On some of this property currently stands a Western Union and G.S.A. building, which employs a lot of people in Hampshire County, W. Va.

    W1-3-15 Family of Jackson Carder (1830 - 1912) and Maria Carder (1829 - 1886)

    • 1 Mary J. Carder (1854 - 1862)
    • 2 Frederick A. Carder (7 September 1856 - 12 January 1938), married Margaret E. McDonald (1861 - 1952). He lived near Romney, W.Va., and is buried at Ebenezer Church near Romney.
    • 3 Joseph Edgar Carder (1858 - ), married 27 November 1882 to Minnie Cheshire. He died at Dayton, Ohio.
    • 4 James Sanford Carder (April 1863 - 1 February 1935), married 1st, 18 October 1887, to Mary Elizabeth McDonald (April 1870 - ), 2nd, 20 April 1915, to Martha Ellen Hott (1890 - 1981). He was a carpenter
    • 5 Abigail Carder (1861 - 1862). She should be listed as child four.
    • 6 Sarah E. Carder (5 June 1866 - ), married 16 March 1891, to John Shank.
    • 7 Infant (1868 - 1868)
    • 8 Rebecca K. Carder (October 1869 - ), married Thomas Starnes (March 1864 - ).
    • 9 John W. Carder (18 June 1870 - 14 June 1954), married Olive _____, who died before 1944. Moved to California and died at Rancho Los Amigos, Hondo, Los Angeles County in 1954. 10 Sarah (Sally) Carder (1873 -)

    W1-3-16 Family of Frederick Carder (1831 - 1870) and Sarah Starnes Carder

    • 1 John Ferman Carder (7 December 1866 - 1955), married Cora B. Albright, buried at Ebenezer Church, Romney, W.Va.
    • 2 Anna Bell Carder (7 December 1866 - ), married 21 October 1885 to Charles Frederick Malone.
    • 3 William Baker Carder (December 1869 - 1920?), married Phoebe Nickles (1878 - 1929), buried at Ebenezer Church, Romney.

    W1-3-18 Family of Hannah Carder (1834 - before 1883)

    • 1 Luther Carder, raised by the Robinson family and later took the name Luther Robinson. He married Elizabeth Davis of Romney.
    • 2 Emma Carder (April 1860 - ), married James Davis (December 1854 - ).

    W1-3-19 Family of Sanford Carder (1837 - 1869) and Rebecca Hannas Carder (1837 - 1911)

    • 1 Mary Jane “Molly” Carder (October 1869 - 1945), married in 1896 to George Barnes (1869 - 1936).

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