Descendants of Abbot Carder (1770?-1843?)

Abbot Carder, son of William and Sarah Carder, was born about 1770, in either Culpeper Co., Va. or Hampshire County, WV. He is listed in census records of Hampshire Co., the earliest being 1810, which listed him as a male over age 45. That would put his birth date before 1765. Other census records place his birth date between 1760 and 1780. He was probably born about 1770, give or take a year or two. He presumably died in the 1840s because he is not listed in the 1850 census. The 1883 chancery suit states that he “died about 40 years ago”, which would be about 1843.
The first record found of Abbot Carder is a bill of sale dated 15 December 1791, in which he purchased a number of items from his father William for 100 pounds. Abbot Carder is also listed on the Hampshire Co. personal property tax lists from 1792 to 1829. Abbot Carder (or his son Abbot Jr.) is listed in Swisher’s “History of Hampshire County” as being a road overseer who made 50 cents a day in 1830. Abbot is listed in his father’s will in 1801. His name is recorded in deeds dated 1801, 1807, and 1822. The most valuable piece of information that has been found on Abbot Carder is a chancery suit from 1883-1886 that dealt with the settlement of Abbot Carder’s estate. Interviews were conducted with some of his children and a list of all his children was put together. This is the most complete record of Abbot Carder’s family that has been found to date.
Abbot Carder lived his adult life in Hampshire Co., WV. He lived east of the town of Romney near Ebenezer Church. He was married three times and fathered at least 23 children, some of them while he was in his 70s. His second wife was born in Ireland, according to the 1880 census, which shows that Abbot Carder, Jr.’s father was born in Virginia and his mother was born in Ireland. His third wife was named Edna (last name unknown) (1795-1875). His name has been spelled in various places as Abbot, Abbott, Abet, and Abot. At least two of his children went west with their Uncle (Frederick Bray) when they were very young. Edna was always called Aunt Edna by the children of John and George Carder, sons of George Carder, Sr of Three Churches, WV. Edna’s children also referred to John and George Carder, Jr. and their wives as Uncle and Aunt. This brings up the possibility that Edna was a sister of John and George Carder,Jr., and a daughter of George Carder, Sr., or closely connected to the family somehow. However, no proof of this has been found. Sometimes the old folks just called the elder cousins “Uncle” or “Aunt”, even though they were cousins. The Hampshire County descendants of George Carder, Sr. and Abbot Carder always kept in touch up to the early 1900s. They referred to each other in the early 1900s as cousins.  So there was obviously a very close connection between George Carder, Sr. and Abbot Carder.
Deed, 20 April 1801
Barbara Moore (widow of Philip Moore, dec’d) of Hampshire Co., Va. to Abbot Carder of same.  For 20 dollars; one lot or parcel of land in the town of Romney in aforesaid county, containing half an acre and distinguished in the general plan and survey of said town by the number fifty one, bounded on the north side by lot 52, on west side by lot 41, on north side by the commons, on east side by High Street, the said lot being 159 feet in length, 136 feet 3 inches in breadth.
Witness:                          her
James Dailey         Barbara   Moore
Thomas Clarke              marke
Thomas Mulledy
Recorded 17 May 1802
Deed of Trust, 16 June 1807
Abet Carder of Hampshire County., Va., of the first part, Thomas Mulledy of same, of the second part, and James Daily of the third part, whereas the sd Abet Carder is justly indebted to the said James Dailey in the sum of 12 pounds, 16 shillings, and 10 pence with interest thereon from the 30th day of April, 1807, and being desirious to secure payment thereof to the said James Dailey, hath subjected the following personal property to that end: one black cow and calf, one white and red cow, one heifer two years old, and one feather bed and bedding. One dollar was paid to the Abet Carder by Thomas Mulledy, and the sale of the above items was acknowledged.
Witness:                his
C. Heiskell       Abet  Carder
John Friddle         mark
Warner Throckmorton
Thos Mulledy
Andrew Wodrow
James Dailey
Deed, 19 August 1822
Abbot Carder and Edena his wife, of Hampshire Co., Va. to John Friddle of same. For 70 dollars; lot 51 in the town of Romney, being the same which was conveyed to Abbot Carder by deed bearing date 12 April 1801.
Abbot Carder
Edena Carder
The following is a portion of the chancery suit (1883-1886),
Jackson Carder vs. Eunice Carder and other heirs of Abbot Carder, Sr.
YOU are hereby commanded to summon The unknown heirs of Henry Carder, the unknown heirs of James Carder, the unknown heirs of Abbot Carder, the unknown heirs of Armstead Carder, the unknown heirs of William Carder, the unknown heirs of John Carder, the unknown heirs of Samuel Carder, John Carder, James Carder, & Mary ___ formerly Mary Carder & ___ her husband, William Poland & Elizabeth his wife, Mary Roberson, Susan Carder, Eunice Carder, Lavinia Carder, Lucinda Pool, John F. Carder, Wm. B. Carder, & Bell Carder, Sarah E. Carder, Rebecca Yost & _____ Carder, infant daughter of Sanford Carder, dec’d, Ann Carder, Luther Carder & Emily Davis & James Davis & Stephen Hannas to appear at the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of Hampshire County, at Rules to be held in the said Office, on the first Monday in April next, to answer a bill in Chancery Exhibited against them by Jackson Carder and have then there this Writ. Witness V. M. Poling, Clerk of the said Court, at the Court House of said County, this 17th day of March, 1883 and in the ___ year of the state.
V.M. Poling
The Sheriff will note the time and manner of serving the process.
Following is another portion of the same chancery suit:
Depositions taken befor me this 3rd day of May 1886 at my office in Romney in the cause of Jackson Carder vs. Eunice Carder etc. in the Circuit Court of Hampshire County, W. Va. pursuant to notice herewith returned, this cause having been continued from day to day until today.
First Witness, Miss Susan Carder, a mistress of lawful age, who being first duly sworn, deposes and says as follows:
1st Que. : by law, state your age, place of residence, how long you have lived there, and the name of your father.
Ans. : About 65 years of age; live in this county and have always lived here. My father was Abbott Carder, Sr.
2nd Que. : How often was your father married?
Ans. : Three times.
3rd Que. : How many children by each marriage?
Ans. : By first marriage, two, William and Armstead. They were taken west a number of years ago when they were quite young, by their uncle, when their father married a second time. We haven’t heard anything from them since father died which was about 40 years ago. The last we heard of them is that they had died unmarried. By the second marriage there were seven children, George, James, Abbott, John, Samuel, Betsy, and Polly. George is dead leaving as his heirs John and James Carder, and Mary Carder. James, son of Abbott, is dead leaving heirs but I can’t name them or say how many of them. Abbott, Jr. was living the last we heard from him which was during the late war. We have heard nothing from him or his heirs since that time. He had children but don’t know how many. John died unmarried and childless. Samuel died unmarried and childless. Betsey married William Poland and went west a great many years ago and we haven’t heard from them since the war. I don’t know how many children she had. There were four children when she left here, 2 boys and 2 girls. Polly married John Poland and died leaving one heir, John Poland, Jr., who was living the last we heard from him. By the third marriage there were thirteen children, Susan (myself), Eunice, Lavinia, Ann, Lucinda, Hannah, Jackson, Frederick, Sanford, Joseph, Sarah, Margaret, and Patsy. Eunice, Lavinia, Ann, Lucinda (who married Samuel Pool), and Jackson are living. Hannah died leaving 2 children, Luther Robinson and Emma Davis (wife of James Davis), both of whom are living. Frederick died leaving 3 children, Bell (who married Charles Malone), John and Baker, all of whom are now living, and his widow married Jno. Parrill and is living. Sanford is dead leaving one child Mary, who is still living, and his widow married a Yost and is still living. Joseph died unmarried and childless. Sarah, Margaret, and Patsy died when they were small children.
And further this deponent sayeth not.
Susan X Carder
Second, Eunice Carder, a mistress of lawful age, who being first duly sworn, deposes & says as follows:
1st Que. : by law state your age, place of residence, how long you have lived there, and your father’s name.
Ans. : About 63 years. Live in this co. and have always lived here. My father’s name was Abbott Carder. 2nd Que. : How often was you father married & how many children were there by each marriage?
Ans. : I have heard the answers just given by my sister Susan to those questions & my answers to them is the same as hers. Her answers are correct.
And further this deponent sayeth not.
Eunice Carder
I certify that the foregoing depositions were taken before me this 3 May 1886.
H.B. Gilkison, Commissioner
Witnesses attendance Susan Carder $1.00 Eunice Carder $1.00
The final settlement of the suit is as follows (14 May 1886):
Lucinda Pool, by deed bearing date the 9th of November 1880 conveyed her interest in the land in the bill of proceedings mentioned to Stephen Hannas. And Polly Robinson & Luther Carder, by deed bearing date of the 17th Nov. 1880 conveyed their interest therein to said Stephen Hannas.
Said fund is therefore to be distributed as follows :
To John Carder (son of George) 1/3 of 1/14 thereof “
James Carder (son of George) 1/3 of 1/14 ” “
Mary Carder (daughter of George ) 1/3 of 1/14 “ “
James Carder’s heirs 1/14 ” “
Abbott Carder Jr. 1/14 ” “
Betsey Poland 1/14 ” “
Susan Carder 1/14 ” “
Eunice Carder 1/14 ” “
Lavinia Carder 1/14 ” “
Ann Carder 1/14 ” “
Jackson Carder 1/14 ” “
Stephen Hannas 2/14 & 1/2 of 1/14 ” “
Emma Davis 1/2 of 1/14 ” “
Frederick Carder’s widow & heirs 1/14 ” “
Sanford Carder's widow & heirs 1/14 ” “
The widows of said Frederick & Sanford were entitled to a dower interest in the shares of their respective husbands & are therefore entitled to a share in the fund in this cause in lieu of dower; but these bring no evidence in the case as to the ages of said widows, & law is unable to ascertain the amt. that should be paid each of them & therefore cannot report what amt. should be paid each of the heirs of the said Frederick and Sanford.
The share of each of said heirs is to be credited with any amount that may already have been paid them from said fund. All of which is respectfully submitted this 14 day of May 1886.
H.B. Gilkeson, Commissioner
W1-3 Family of Abbot Carder (1770? - 1843?)
The following children were by his first wife, who died in the 1790s :
  • 1 William Carder, born in Hampshire County, W. Va. in the early 1790s, was taken west by his Uncle (Fred Bray?) before 1800. According to Susan Carder’s deposition in 1886, William Carder died unmarried and childless. It is not known whether this is true or not. There was a Dr. William Carder who was supposedly born in Randolph County, WV, in 1790 or 1791, and lived in Monroe Co., Ohio in 1850, who is the only unidentified William Carder who could possibly be the same William Carder.
  • 2 Armstead Carder (5 March 1794 - 5 July 1857), was taken west by his Uncle (Fred Bray) before 1800. He lived in Ohio. He is buried at the Methodist Cemetery at Frankfort, Concord Township, Ross County, Ohio. He married Mary Roberts (1803 - 8 July 1866) of Pickaway County, Ohio. His military service records show that he served 28 July to 6 Sept 1813 as a musician in Capt. Isaac Pancake’s Co. of Infantry, Col. John McDonald’s Regiment of Ohio Militia. Armstead made a deposition in 1851 that he was age 57 (b. 1794), a resident of New Holland, Pickaway Co., Ohio. He lived at one time on the Springfield Road, south of Bloomingsburg, Fayette Co., Ohio. He is also reported to have kept a hotel at New Holland, Fayette County, Ohio, according to the History of Fayette County, Ohio by Putnam. His estate was settled in 1859. According to Susan Carder’s deposition in 1886, Armstead Carder died unmarried and childless, but this was not true. He is buried beside his Aunt Lucy Carder Bray and Uncle Fred Bray.
  • There is a strong possibility that Henry Carder (5 October 1793 -13 November 1861) (dates from his gravestone), who lived near Abbot Carder in 1812, later moved to Franklin Co., Ohio, and is mentioned in the 1883 summons as if he were a son of Abbot Carder, and Thomas Carder (born about 1795 or 1799), who lived in Ohio, are also sons of Abbot by his first wife. Thomas Carder had a son named Abbott Carder (1834 - 1916). There is not enough evidence to definitely determine if they are Abbot’s children.

The following children were by his second wife, who died around 1817:

  • 3 George Carder (1795 - 18 September 1859), married Maria Hansborough (1805 - 6 September 1866). He left Hampshire County and moved to Allegany County, Md. in the late 1820s.
  • 4 James Carder, died leaving several children. This is most likely the James Carder who has been said to be the son of Sanford Carder according to several records. If so, then he moved to Randolph County, WV, by 1820, and by 1835 he had moved to Harrison County, WV, where he kept a hotel. He was married twice, first on 2 November 1820, in Randolph County, Virginia, to Eunice Buckey, daughter of Peter Buckey; second on 6 October 1825 in Randolph County, VA, to Lucinda Earle, daughter of Ezaas Earle. He apparently had two children by his first wife. They were Abbot Carder (b. 1822) and William Martiney Carder, who was possibly raised by the Buckey family and appeared in Peter Buckey’s estate sale as Martiney Buckey. In a deed in 1859 he was listed as William M. Carder, Martiney Carder, and Martiney Buckey, where he sold land that he inherited from his grandfather Peter Buckey. He sold the land to his uncle, David Goff, who married another daughter of Peter Buckey. The 1850 census lists James Carder as age 45, placing his birthdate as 1804/05. The D.A.R. records say 1791-1792, which I believe is incorrect. James’ death record in Harrison County says age 65, which would give a 1794 birthdate. According to the deposition for Abbot Carder’s estate settlement, James is placed between George and Abbott, Jr., which would place his birthdate as between 1796 and 1805. If he was married in 1820, he was probably born about 1796-1802. Reasons for my belief that he is Abbot’s son, rather than Sanford’s are: 1) Sanford Carder left West Virginia about 1791 and moved to Kentucky and then to Ohio by 1800. When he moved, all of his children were young and grew to adulthood in Ohio. None returned to WV. 2) While all of Sanford Carder’s children received a share of his estate, no James Carder was mentioned. 3) In 1863, Sanford’s son Peter died and his estate was to be divided between his brothers and sisters and their heirs. James Carder’s heirs were not listed here either. 4) According to all official records, James Carder was born between 1796 and 1804, which is after Sanford Carder left West Virginia. 5) James Carder had a son named Abbot Carder in his household in 1850. 6) Abbot Carder had a son named James who moved west of Hampshire County, died and left heirs. This is the only James Carder who fits the description. 7) Abbott Carder, Jr (1806-1894) also moved from Hampshire Co. to Randolph Co. and then to Harrison Co., following the same migration pattern as James Carder at approximately the same time. 8) The ORIGINAL courthouse death record for James Carder in Harrison County does not list his parents. Someone later penciled in Sanford and Nancy Carder, but it was later erased because the people in the courthouse noticed that the original record had been altered. I believe that the records that show James Carder to be Sanford’s son were put together around 1920 in order for one of James Carder’s descendants to get into the D.A.R. through Sanford Carder’s line. I also believe that the courthouse records were altered about this time. The death record index reflects the altered records, but the original appears to have been corrected.
  • 5 Abbott Carder, Jr. (15 September 1806 - 1 August 1894), moved to Randolph County, WV., during the same period that James Carder (#4 above) lived there, where he married on 17 May 1832 to Susan Stalnaker (1808 - 1883). By 1836 he had moved to Harrison County, WV. In 1839, when he moved to Warren County, Ohio, where he was a wagon maker and a blacksmith.
  • 6 John Carder (about 1814 - 1886), supposedly died unmarried and childless. He died in Pennsylvania.
  • 7 Samuel Carder (about 1816 - before 1886), supposedly died unmarried and childless.
  • 8 Betsey (Elizabeth?) Carder, married William Poland and went west. When she left, she had two boys and two girls.
  • 9 Mary (Polly) Carder (died 1886), married John Poland in 1825. Later married John Robinson about 1849. In 1886 she was referred to as Polly Poland again in a letter from Emma Ann Carder of Three Churches, WV to her mother Charlotte Harvey of Iowa. Polly lived in Hampshire County, WV.

Children by his third wife, Edna (1795 - 1875)

  • 10 Catherine Carder (21 February 1817 - 20 November 1893), although she is not mentioned in the chancery suit of 1883-1886, family records of Alicia McCracken of Keswick, Iowa, show Catherine Carder Wamsley to be the daughter of Edna Carder of Hampshire County, W. Va. Letters written from Edna to her daughter Catherine speak of Catherine’s sisters Eunice and Lucinda and her brother John. Catherine Carder was married on 13 February 1834 to Abraham Wamsley (10 September 1811 - 7 February 1849) and they moved to Kirkersville, Licking County, Iowa in the late 1830s. About 1840-41 they moved to Bloomington, Muscatine County, Iowa. Abraham Wamsley died in 1849. Catherine was possibly married a second time to Sam Cole, because she had a daughter named Araminta Cole. She was married on 17 December 1861 to Elisha Beatty.
  • 11 Susan Carder (1820 - 9 April 1887), never married, but had a child, Sarah Margaret Carder, born in 1847.
  • 12 Eunice Carder (1823 - 1911?), died unmarried and childless. Left a will. She died at the home of her niece, Emma Carder Davis and Jim Davis. Her obituary in the paper said that she was survived by a nephew, John Carder of Green Spring, W. Va., who ran a saloon there.
  • 13 Lavinia Carder (1827 - after 1887), never married. She lived with her sisters Ann and Eunice on Grassy Lick Rd., which is part of the Roderick Property in Hampshire County.
  • 14 Lucinda Carder (1822? - after 1900), married Samuel Pool. She left Romney about 1900 and moved to Cumberland, Md. She then went to Munich, Germany. She had a daughter, Ann Keller, who wrote to relatives in Romney during World War I to ask for money to keep them from going hungry. She sent a picture of her mother’s grave stone and Herr Joseph Keller’s gravestone.
  • 15 Jackson Carder (1830 - February 1912), married Maria _____ (1829 - 14 April 1886), lived near Romney, Hampshire Co., W. Va. He is buried at Ebenezer Church near Romney, W. Va., but has no stone.
  • 16 Frederick Carder (1831 - 11 December 1870), married Sarah Starnes. He was in the Confederate Army in the Civil War.
  • 17 Ann Carder (1832 - 1909), died unmarried and childless.
  • 18 Hannah Carder (1834 - before 1883), never married, but had two children, Luther Carder, who was raised by the Robinson family and is sometimes listed as Luther Robinson, and Emma Carder.
  • 19 Sanford Carder (1837 - 1 December 1869), married to Rebecca Hannas (1837 - 1911). He was in the Confederate Army in the Civil War.
  • 20 Sarah Carder, died as a young child.
  • 21 Margaret Carder, died young. 22 Joseph Carder (1839 - 28 September 1868), died of tuberculosis. Never married. He was in the Confederate Army and lost a foot in the Civil War.
  • 23 Patsy Carder, died young.
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